You have to be particular about the time when taking the ACT Reading test. It can rather go by quickly. There are 40 questions in this test which you have to accomplish within 35 minutes. That gives you less than a minute to respond to every item. If your reading speed falls behind, the following ACT Reading tips for slow readers can be useful:

Know how to analyze. Coping with the reading section of the ACT needs you to primarily know the skill of analysis. Not that you have to be very fast with reading, but you have to instead focus on pacing. Take a good look at the questions after the passages. Learn how to analyze them. A valuable tip to be able to cope with the ACT Reading test is to first read the question, decipher the answer and then read the explanation in the passage. Apply this same method for every question in this ACT test section. Early on when taking the test, tackle those simple and easy questions. You may be tempted to hasten with this process, but remember to read every question first until you become familiar with each of them.

Learn proper timing. In this case, you have to pay attention to being time-oriented. The ACT Reading test will require you to read 4 passages, afterwhich follows a set of 40 questions that you have to finish answering in 35 minutes. Apparently, you have less than 1 minute to deal with every question. How do you apply the proper timing in order to cope with this time requirement? Give yourself 8 minutes to read every passage in the test. Apply the rule of 4 and 4 wherein you allocate 4 minutes to read a passage, and another 4 minutes to reply to the questions. Doing the Maths, this garners you a total of 32 minutes for contending with the whole test. You can then utilize your remaining time to go back to the questions that you found tricky to answer.

Apply the skills of speed reading and skimming, and avoid over-reading each passage. This step calls for your speed reading skills. Skim a passage for a total of 4 minutes, and remember that you have to read fast as you familiarize yourself with the concepts of the content. At the same time, you have to be able to answer the questions accurately. You have to do an ample amount of reading in the ACT Reading test. It’s because you should attend to the question and then refer back to the passage to locate the answer. The first tip which is to analyze has directed you to get accustomed to the questions, and this allows you to quickly read them and swiftly find the right information in the passage.

Allot a bit more of time in reading the first paragraph because it tends to contain crucial information and proceed to the bottom paragraph or the conclusion. Then go further on to read the body paragraphs. When you’re doing this, you are skimming. Focus on reading the first sentence as well as the last sentence of the paragraphs so that you can derive the most important details.

Make your reading fun to prevent boredom. You’re likely to easily forget what you read if you’re bored. Hence, you should take time to make this activity interesting. If you do this, you’ll likewise be able to comprehend the content better. Making a mental game while reading can make your task more effective. Work up your imagination by pretending that you are a 7-year-old kid digging for precious treasures in your yard. The pirate’s chest loaded with gold that you’re looking for can be the priceless information that you need to note down in your answer sheet.

How can you apply these ACT Reading tips for slow readers in your test prep? Take lots of practice tests. In this manner, you can develop and hone the above mentioned reading skills and take in hand the ACT Reading test like a pro. You can rock the ACT Reading test!

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