In Hindu astrology, Rohini is the fourth among the 27 Nakshatra. Its symbol is a banyan tree, temple and a chariot or cart. Its principal deity is Lord Prajapati who is the creator or Brahma. According to the local legends, there are popular five stars of the head of the Bull or the Hyades. It is to be highly noted that Aldebaran is actually the red eye of the bull. This particular star gives public honors, enthusiasm, eloquence and intelligence but there can be violence and sickness. As per the Mythology aspects, it is to be remembered that of the 27 daughters, the Moon's (Soma) favorite wife was Rohini. He largely spent more of his personal time in this nakshatra, because of her seductive qualities and extreme natural beauty. In this given condition, situation and circumstance, the others sisters immediately became more jealous on Rohini. On the other hand, the father (Prajapati) immediately cast a real spell on Soma, where he suddenly becomes very ill each month but slow and steadily recovers. This is actual reason why the Moon indulges in the act of waxes plus wanes each month. As per the myth, the "star of ascent," largely implies the different kind of personal and professional related suffering of intense desires may perfectly bring, it is all because of the Moon couldn't help his strong desire for Rohini. This particular nakshatra is known for its passionate and sexually seductive nature.

The native of Rohini Nakshatra are very alluring, attractive and beautiful. They love all the finer things in personal and professional life has to offer. They like luxury, art, music and dance. They are very frown on those people who don't measure up to their high culture and taste. They are extremely materialistic in their life. They can be spoiled in any given conditions, circumstances and situations. It is to be highly noted that for them nothing ever seems to be better enough for their high standards of life. This particular nakshatra largely gives wealth, but they should harness their materialistic desires in worldly aspects. This also implies that they can actually rise to the top position and achieve their dreams and desires. Rohini is a growth-oriented nakshatra that gives much scope for ruling crops plus fertility. In certain situations and circumstances, they can be extremely critical of other people, looking actually down at their seeming low standard or class. According to the myth, they use sex to get what they want and they can be over sexed. They have an appreciation for the fine arts and beauty. They can be very artistic and creative.

All those individuals born in this particular star are good looking with attractive and beautiful eyes and body structure. As per the Jatakas of this famous star are generally the quintessential difficult persons, whom each and everyone would rather avoid meeting in their personal and professional life. They are cited to be quintessential faultfinders, short tempered and very stubborn. According to the local legends, they engage themselves in evaluating perfectly others and they seldom evaluate their own actions. They are also totally disrespectful towards any suggestions, idea or advice given by others for their better personal and professional life. On the other hand, their love hate relationship is troublesome highly in any given circumstances, situations and conditions. They generally tend to take them to the extremes level. The activities related to planning are their worst nightmare so they face the ups and downs in their personal and professional life as it is their own creation.

One of the brightest possible stars in the entire celestial horizon is Rohini Nakshatra or 'Aldebaran'. It is largely governed by Lord Brahma who actually epitomizes the real essence of creation. This particular Nakshatra symbolizes fertility because it is depicted by a large cart drawn by a team of oxen. It is led by the planetary direct influence of moon. People who are native of Rohini Nakshatra comes with general characteristics encompass the essence of fertility, immediate conception, better growth plus good development. It is to be highly noted that redness that is directly associated with this particular birth star really brings out its characteristics that is general related passionate vigor and warmth.

Those who are born under Rohini Nakshatra come with positive traits like gentleness and apparent calmness. They come with an aura of serenity and poise that is cited to be intrinsically stable. They exude sex appeal and substantial charm. With their essential charm and attractive physical features, they actually rely more on different types of gestures rather than simple or powerful words in turning a condition, situation and circumstance to their perfect advantage in their personal and professional life. On the other hand, they also display their orientation directly towards environment and nature. They are known for their imaginative, creative and talented. They have perfect ability to combine imagination with action which makes them more successful in their personal and professional life. In their behavioral characteristics, they display an ardent desire for self expression and creativity. They love decorative luxuries of life. On the other hand, they are equally much appreciative of beauties in all aspects to a great extent. They are much vulnerable and sensitive to different types of emotion. In the given society, the people of this particular Nakshatra are known for their gentleness and temperamental sweetness. One of their leading positive traits is their soft and affectionate nature.

The major negative traits of the people who are native of Rohini Nakshatra are stability characterizing and lack of purpose. They prefer different types of idle imagination to immediate action and mostly struggle in their personal and professional life mainly owing to their actual susceptibility to imagination. Lack of singularity, indecision and fickle mindedness are also their negative traits.

It is to be highly remembered that natives of Rohini Nakshatra prosper as creative directors, danseuse, musicians, artistes and efficient sculptors. Editing and photography can also best features among their professional career options. On the other hand, they can actually curve a niche in professional career related to environment and agriculture. In their professional life, they always look for better career opportunities and try their best to grab the excellent positions in any given situations, circumstances and conditions. They can really make better mileages out of professional career options like jewelry designing, marketing, writing and advertisement. They take up different types of simple to difficult task in which they can indulge their heart and soul in order to turn it an excellent success story.
Male Natives – He has a slim physique. He may be a fatty person or short structured based on other planetary aspects and positions. With a special magnetic touch, his eyes are very attractive. He has beautiful appearance, well developed muscles and big shoulder. He is termed as short tempered, get angry easily, frequently changes decision, over-ride his opinions, good at giving advices, thwart his plans and find faults of others. He is a scarifying person in his personal and professional life. He is proud of himself in any given conditions, situations and circumstances. He is known for his honesty, sincerity, pre-plans and level of success attained. He may earn as a Chemical Engineer and from milk products or sugarcane. He is really apt for laborious and mechanical work. His difficult period is between the age of 18 years and 36 years. His good period is after 38 years. He is a family man with lot of love and care for his wife and children. He may suffer from throat trouble, paralysis, respiratory problems, tuberculosis, blood sugar, urinary disorders, jaundice, blood cancer and prone to diseases connected with blood.
Female Natives – She is known for her beauty. Her eyes are attractive. She is of fair complexion and medium height. She is well dressed and well behaved. She is a person of weak heart. She always invites troubles from others and short tempered by nature. She is violent when instigated, practical and secretive. On the other hand, she it also lacks patience and endurance. She is a middle level educated person. She earns from oil, paddy fields, milk, hotels, as a dress maker. She is a family oriented person. She may suffer from swelling above the neck, pimples, sore throat, irregular menses, breast cancer and pain in the legs and feet. Her good days start after 35 years.

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