What are you sacrificing?

Sure, it’s a crazy world out there and we are living in times where stress and anxiety are common health issues. But here’s the question that can start to change your life.

What are you sacrificing and why?

Time: Are you stretched to the absolute max in managing more than one job to have the bills paid, or to gain more experience, or to save up for something important? Are you spending too much time at one job because there’s a shortage of workers in your company?

For most of my life I have worked two jobs – sometimes it was to save for a trip, sometimes it was for more experience, and sometimes I don’t know why. How valuable is your time? I’ve learned to find a balance that works for me. Sometimes that means saying ‘no’ to something, or it means re-adjusting my wish list. But each time I take time for me – life gets better. We all need to find time for ourselves – not our spouse or children...ourselves. Find a few hours each week to be your own best friend.

Dignity: Ok – this is a hard one, but are you always too willing to please someone else? Are you a doormat because you are afraid of offending or losing someone? It’s a cultural value that we are considerate of the needs of others, especially those that are close to us in our lives. And, it’s also equally important to have self-esteem and dignity. Those two things are vital to your emotional wellness.

Sometimes, I’ve been fooled by someone, or trusted a little too soon. That’s life experience. Take your time to get to know people, trust your real friends. Keep your dignity, it adds to your value and your self worth. It’s OK to stand up for yourself and expect the best from others.

Joy: Are you happy with your life generally? We all can have blue days, and we can develop strategies for coping with them. Or does the sorrow of the world overwhelm you? It’s easy to be emotionally impacted by our news these days. Tragedies, horror and economic gloom continue to haunt us. They always will. If you’re feeling like life has lost it glow, then take some time to find someone to talk to about it. Maybe consider a news fast – in other words, stop reading the papers or watching the news – for six weeks. Listen to music that picks you up. Find your spiritual centre. Do something each day that you enjoy – even something small like noticing the sunrise or the twitter of a bird. There’s lots of misery in the world...and lots of joy. You pick.

So what are you sacrificing and why?

Make your own list and sort out where you need to be placing your energy and attention

Author's Bio: 

Cheryl is a life coach who enjoys working with folks from all walks of life manage change.