Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) is the ninth sign of the zodiac. They are symbolically represented by an archer who is half horse and half man. This signifies the dual personality that they have. It is never possible to know the inside of a Sagittarius as what they appear to be outside they are not always the same on the inside. They are the doers’ type, who will never sit back and watch others do a task. They are communicative, confident, and broad minded who are always in search of truth. Intelligence and knowledge are their key pursuits in life and they are always looking for answers to the question of life. Philosophy and religion interests them a lot which they feel will help them to satisfy their inner quest for knowledge and truth. Life for them is good and positive and they aim to achieve its goals freely and easily. Looking at the broader picture of life is what they are always engaged in. Being narrow minded and pessimist is not them. They like to think, act and reflect.

Sometimes they do not take things seriously and hence tend to miss out certain important things in life. Giving other people a chance to speak and respecting their opinion is usual to them, however they want their opinions and ideas to be easily accepted by others. Their thirst for knowledge and information will never be satisfied. No matter how much they learn, they are ever ready to learn more. Exploring the world is what they are best at. However if they are disturbed in their quest they start becoming impatient and difficult. Sometimes they also act stubborn and rigid. Their ego takes over them on certain occasions and they refuse to budge. People born under this sign are ruled by Jupiter, which in ancient Roman mythology was the king of the Gods. Hence these people also have the noble quality of being just and generous. They stick to what they believe in and will always put forward their point in a forceful manner. Lady luck is always on their side and they always do good in gambling, they are smart enough to handle their luck and the benefits that it brings along.

Adjusting and adapting to change and new situations is a left hand’s play for them. Since the element associated with them is fire, they are always quick and dynamic. They are good at making new friends, making themselves comfortable in new situations and learning new things quickly. They also have a magnetic and attractive personality. In the group of friends they may be one of the most active and entertaining member. They love to enjoy life in a light way and not take too much tension. They are straight forward people who will call a spade a spade. High spirits, confidence, positivity and casual approach to life is what defines them. Don’t expect them to be serious about life and its compilations, they will not. However this also helps them to live tension free and happily.

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Pt. Narayan Bhatt is vedic Astrologer at OmAstrology web portal.