Satabhisha Nakshatra is a significant Nakshatra among the twenty seven Nakshatra. It is under the divine enclosure of lord Varuna. As per the local legends and astrologers, it begins with 6:40 degrees and ends at 20 degrees in Aquarius zodiac or Kumbha. It is ruled by planet named Rahu throughout the confinements. This particular Nakshatra is expressed in a symbol of cycle. The Satabhisha Nakshatra's arena comprises the aquatic life that largely includes cynicism, boats, peevishness, miseries, difficulties, failures, armor, cover, concealment, being in lurk and express veil. The natives of this Nakshatra ensure proper hygiene and have a strict approach towards best personal and professional management.

The natives of Satabhisha Nakshatra are brave and strong personas who largely possess immense potency and stability of mind along with some of callousness and stubbornness. They are perfectly endowed with immense knowledge that is obtained from readily available sources. They are termed as somewhat self centered in the given society. They are perceived to be endowed to have a long-lived life with many children. They are said to be quiet mysterious personalities. In the society, they have good affluence so they are wholeheartedly respected by their family members, close relatives, colleagues and intimate friends.

Male Natives - The male natives of Satabhisha Nakshatra carries an aristocratic appearance. They are born with strong dominating personality. They appear highly appealing and impacting. They possess soft body comprising attractive formation of eyes, wide forehead, bulged abdomen, prominent nose and bright countenance. They are actually endowed with excellent memory. They appear stronger in their physical aspects. They are generally known for their special attitude and life path adopted in their professional and personal life. They are strongly believed to be the perfect balanced composition of both positive and negative shades which makes them strong upon land and stand well. These particular people are truly much stubborn plus firm upon each and every aspect. They rightly stand upon their given principals and never deviate from it for the sake of anybody or anything.

The male natives of Satabhisha Nakshatra are soft hearted who are known for their selfless giving nature. On the other hand, they are also known for their self centered nature. They never do any harm to anyone in any type of extreme situations, circumstances and conditions. They are cited as intelligent and intellectual beings. They are true believers of pious words and scared path. At times, they are really furious plus harsh towards other when things go out of control. They actually carry the approach of simplicity with a lot of perfection. They lead a simple life to a great extent. They are admired by other in the given society. They also receive enough respect from elders and younger ones. Their brilliance of mind can be witnessed while dealing with certain extreme conditions, situations and circumstances.

The Satabhisha Nakshatra people would really confront many difficult paths in their personal life till the age of 34yrs age. After crossing the said age, they may witness continuous growth in their professional life and won't come across much of hurdles. They are largely endowed with best path of education that will lead them to shape a better career in their professional front. At a very early age, they will get chance to display their brilliance in their professional path. They may indulge in the profession such as healing arts, astrology and psychology. They are perfectly suitable for activities related to medical and technical research activities.
The male natives of Satabhisha Nakshatra may face several hurdles in their personal life and family front. They may face problems from the side of loved ones. They show lot of affection, love and care towards their family members, close relatives, colleagues and intimate friends. They may have lack of peace of mind that may lead to mental disturbance. They will receive all types of support from their mother's side but from the father's side they may face non-cooperative and non-coordinating attitude in their personal life. The male natives of Satabhisha Nakshatra may suffer from health problems such as weak immune system related issues, sexually transmitted diseases, troubles in jaws, colic problems, diabetics, breathing problems and urinary problems.

Female Natives -The female natives of Satabhisha Nakshatra are endowed with majestic personalities that can greatly create an impact in order to lead over the masses. These particular people would largely possess a lean and tall body formation with broad cheeks and beautiful lips along with elegant and fair appearance. They are termed as truly humanitarian souls. They are actually very soft and generous hearted people. They always do well for everyone around. They are very highly sympathetic towards those who are really suffering in life with many difficulties. They are sometimes misunderstood by their family members, relatives and friend in certain situations, circumstances and conditions. It is to be highly noted that they are completely selfless in freely giving anything as they wouldn't ever and never expect anything in return.
The female natives of Satabhisha Nakshatra have peace loving personas. At times, they are aggressive souls. They have their own principals and morals that make them so special in the crowd. They may indulge in quarrels and conflicts with others very often as per the given situations and circumstances of personal and professional life. They are generally known among the close people as truly simple personality. They get admiration and respect from others because of their good deeds performed wholeheartedly for others in the surrounding. They aren't shy to face the world in any types of problems that may crop up in their life.

The Satabhisha Nakshatra natives are very sincere and honest persons. In their professional path, they have strong and dominating profiles. They lead a happy married life with a loving life partner and many children. They are known for their love, affection and care provided to the dear ones. They will shine in the areas of research activities, astrology, psychology and other arenas of science. They may suffer from health issues such as uterus disorders, urinary diseases, chest pain and colic problems.

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