Save Your Hotel Business From The Impact Of Corona Virus
It’s no more a mystery that the coronavirus outbreak has been quite rough on the hotel industry. In fact, every industry is feeling its pressure all over the globe.

In most of the places, there are mandated cessations and all the people are tending to stay indoors.

Today’s blog post is for all the hotel industry professionals who are struggling a lot to cope with the panic-hysterical guests who are unwilling to avail of any services. As a result, departments like bars, restaurants, swimming pools, and gymnasiums are shutting down. Here are a few ways to protect all your staff and customers during this delicate period.
The Slap of ‘Social Distancing’

It is unquestionably a complicated time when, all of a sudden, people are against human interaction. After all, hospitality is all about man-to-man interaction. So, how will you shield yourself from the impact of the Novel Corona Virus?
Of course, there is no quick fix to the emergency period (temporary) you are going through. But there are a few ways you can keep calm and carry on with your business.

First and foremost, make sure you are protecting yourself and your team. Surely, you have all the guest-management skills taught by your hotel management school. It’s high time for you to retrieve what it taught about teamwork again. After all, you can’t continue to provide the same quality service if you are down with a few team members. That is why; following proper safety precautions is a must.
With that in mind, here are a few pieces of advice on safety and health.

Hyper-Cautious Hygiene:

Okay, admitted, this one needs no more explanation. You should maintain hygiene every day of the year- COVID-19 or no COVID-19. But in this crisis period, have a dedicated team that looks after the sanitization routines; a must for all your staff and guests. Work hard on making all your commitments to hygiene visible.

Consider changing the offers and schemes:

Does your hotel originally run on the ‘dine-in’ concept? Haven’t you tried the delivery system before? This is high time to start something in the place of the dine-in service which is already halted in some hotels. Therefore, if you are in such a position to still operate your business, start offering delivery options as soon as possible. Food delivery apps are quite good place to start. Make sure that your food and beverage team is using all the culinary skills which they learned in the respective hotel management institutions they attended.

Keep a check on guests or team members who become ill:
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”- and you can’t find a more apt situation to match this quote than now. You need to keep the lines of communication open within your team so that everyone can take proper steps to protect themselves and the overall business.

To conclude, the current situation is certainly a critical situation. You should really think about turning your hotel into a place of safety rather than danger. That will surely give your business a boost that it needs in this difficult period.

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