Getting over obsessive and haunting images of your husband cheating - Is a big part of saving a marriage after infidelity. These images keep coming back like a horror movie in your head, causing loss of sleep, decreased appetite and even difficulty to focus and perform simple daily tasks. If this is how you feel, you are not alone. Here you find 3 steps for overcoming these awful images so you can get your life back and start the healing process after an affair.

What Are The Most Common Images After Husband Affair?

If you just recently found out about your husband cheating - You must feel an unimaginable amount of pain. Even if you didn't get all the ugly and specific details - you can fill the blanks alone. The most common images are: Your husband and the other woman hugging, kissing, having passionate sex or any other romantic and intimate scenario, the other woman being gorgeous, funnier, smarter and more charming than you, your husband looking at her in a way he has never looked at you, or treating her he never bothered treating you. Sounds familiar?

These images get stuck in your mind, leaving you powerless and without strength for healing and saving a marriage that went through infidelity.

It's time to put a stop to this and get rid of these images - today!

3 Steps for Overcoming obsessive images fast

Step #1 - Give the Images Their Special Time

Set the images on a clock. Decide. Set a time during the day when you have a few minutes to sit down and allow these images fill your mind. This is how you start to take control of your mind again. When an image comes to you, quickly remind yourself that this is not the time for it yet, it should have to wait for the scheduled time.

It's the first step and it's a subtle one - You start to control what comes to your mind - and when. It will give you unbelievable strength.

Step #2 - Invite Them In

At the special time you set for them - Let the images in. Remember, you are only temporarily allowing them in and it will only be a few minutes of suffering - instead of all day long.

Step # 3 - "Play" With the Images

In order to prove to yourself that these images have nothing to do with the reality - You can "play" with them. While you are in that "special time" - Try and rewind them. Treat them like a movie you are watching on your DVD and just rewind it all the way. This will remind you only your imagination is causing these images. Not reality.

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