Two days ago, I learned that my grandson, age 5, living in Westchester, NY, had been diagnosed with Scarlet Fever. I was shocked. How was that possible? Hadn’t Scarlet Fever been eradicated? What does one do for this scary-sounding illness? My daughter calmly shared that Scarlet Fever is essentially a Strep virus with a rash and while highly contagious and quite uncomfortable, it is easily treated with antibiotics. I relaxed a little.

Then I put on my imaginary multi-dimensional spectacles and I focused my mind on the metaphor of such a disease. I began to understand the larger significance of the outbreak.

Yes, it may be a mutation or evolution of an old bug that is now resistant to our common forms of antibiotics, but can we learn more about this situation and even find some clues to coping with it by going beyond the physical/ medical descriptions of Scarlet Fever and awakening our consciousness to the energetic evolution occurring before our very eyes in 2012.

Let me explain. The energies on the planet have been increasing in speed over the past few years. They are moving towards a high point at the end of 2012, parallel with our reaching the end of the Mayan Calendar. No, this does not mean that the disease is going to wipe out the human race. Rather it is perhaps just the opposite; it may help us to adapt and adjust to the new heightened, rapid, fiery vibrations in which we are now living. Since the mid eighties at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, the frequencies on the planet have been getting faster and faster. Even the scientists confirm that the very heartbeat of the planet has increased. That means that each one of us must move faster and faster in order to keep up. Imagine yourself on a treadmill at the gym, when your trainer increases the speed of your machine. You must walk faster or even run to keep up and not fall down. That is the physical/ energetic adaptation or evolutionary process each person is experiencing. It is leaving us confused and exhausted and for some of us, it feels like we are plugged into an electric socket as we feel fired up, almost ‘high’ on the energies that pulse through us. To survive we must cool down. When a person is ill with Scarlet Fever they sweat, break out in a rash and take cooling soothing baths to attempt to bring down their fever and ease the discomfort. Also, a rash is the body’s way of extruding the irritant or the virus; it must come to the surface to be released. Once on the outside of the body, it can gradually be healed. That is the gift of this disease. Some people experience other symptoms and most of us will not and do not need to succumb to this illness, but for those whose frequencies are slower, denser and more methodical like my grandson, Scarlet Fever seems to provide a unique avenue for the body to adjust to and cope with the ever-increasing rapid energetic vibrations on the planet today.

Therefore, do not panic or become unduly stressed if you or someone in your family becomes ill with Scarlet Fever. Consult your medical practitioner and follow his or her prescribed treatment, but also consider the energetic ramifications of the illness. Is the ill individual highly sensitive? Were they feeling the changes around them in an extreme way? Were they adapting well to the shifts or were they constricting, slowing down and resisting the changes that cannot be stopped? Can you see how they may be responding in an energetic as well as physical way to the evolutionary changes? And keep in mind that all medications, whether allopathic or alternative, also have an energetic component. They effect and change the vibrations of the disease through resonance and hopefully, they move the illness on and out...

As we progress further and further into the year, 2012, and feel the energies heighten even more, remember we are not just a group of physical cells in a physical body. We are actually vibrations grouped together that we humans have agreed through consensus to be a body... As energetic beings we need a coping plan that includes medication, but is not limited to it. We need to soothe and calm the energies, perhaps through meditation, perhaps through dressing and envisioning ourselves or the ill individual in cool, calming soft greens or pale blue colors rather than fiery reds and oranges to attempt to lower the frequencies and express outside of ourselves the fire that is burning us up inside the physical body.

I see this new wave of Scarlet Fever as both a reflection of the energetic evolution and part of a cure for it. Let us see the positive side of this disease as a subtle gift, rather than fearing it and panicking when it occurs. Be well and have an energetically healthy and balanced day....

Author's Bio: 

Energetics Expert, Elaine Seiler, is at the forefront of exploring the unseen realms and their relationship to evolution. She is a consultant in Transformation Energetics ™ and the author of Multi-Dimensional YOU, Exploring Energetic Evolution and Your Energetic Workbook, Exercises for Energetic Awakening. She helps individuals and groups to understand and navigate the evolutionary energetic changes occurring on the planet, and to become more self-confident, trusting and peaceful as they face the unfolding evolutionary shifts.