With each passing day, the youth is becoming more and more career driven, focused and ambitious. This demands the need to pursue rich high quality education. 9 out of 10 individuals express the desire to study abroad. However, not all can afford to accomplish this desire as for a majority of people, affording overseas education is beyond their spending ability. This is where scholarship comes to the rescue.

Scholarship is the award or financial aid given to students to make pursuing education financially easy. It is a ticket enabling you to pursue higher education abroad. Scholarship has the immense power to transform one's life in unbelievable way.

Scholarships help students in big way. They support student's education which otherwise would have remained stagnant due to financial inability. The major ways in which a scholarship helps is as follows:

Unlike student loans scholarships offer free education. This lets the students focus on studies rather than worrying about managing finances.

Scholarships provide growth to a student's education. It allows you to complete your course without any hurdles. Some students due to insufficient finance drop the idea of studying. Scholarships help students to accomplish their dreams by linking them to their desired program.

Further, scholarships add value to your resume which can help you get a job. Recruiters these days understand the competitiveness of scholarships. This speak highly of you as it indicates that you are a person of competitive and intellectual stature.

Each scholarship differs from the other. There are various types of scholarship. The most common being merit based scholarships, athletic scholarships, minority scholarships, community scholarship and creative scholarships.

Merit Based Scholarships: These are for those students who score high GPAs. This scholarship is regarded as the most prestigious of all.
Athletic Scholarships: These scholarships are for those students who excel in some or the other sport or physical activity and have won laurels and awards.
Minority Scholarships: There are various scholarships specific to different ethnic groups. If one belongs to any minority group, this type of scholarship can be availed.
Community Scholarships: This scholarship is for those who have contributed immensely towards the well being of the society. It is for those who love to give back to the society. Those who have particpated in any community services must surely apply for such scholarships.
Creative Scholarships: If you are an artistic person involved in art, music, drama, dance, etc, then this type of scholarship is wholly existing for your benefit.
Scholarships are offered by various bodies like the government, public and private institutions,universities, etc .

Scholarships Through Edwise:
Karen Misty at Bond University- Australia
Our student Karen Mistry has received 100% scholarship at Bond University (Australia) for the course Bachelors in Sports and Exercise Science. V.C. of Bond University and the Mayor of Gold Coast awarded her with a certificate and a unique scholarship pen. It is the first time an Indian student has been awarded such a scholarship. The Mayor also gifted her a book on about Gold Coast. The event happened at Taj.

Mohammed Shuja Ahmed Khan at University of Wollongong- Australia
Our Student Mohammed Shuja Ahmed Khan has been awarded the inaugural Bradman Scholarship and began his 4year Bachelors of Civil Engineering course at the University of Wollongong (Australia). He was among a selected group of UOW Indian students who were invited to go to Bowral to meet Sachin Tendulkar.

Anand Durai at the University Of Auckland – New Zealand
Our student Anand Durai has been awarded the University Of Auckland International Student Scholarship 2017.He has applied for the course Masters of Engineering Studies (Electrical and Electronic Engineering). He has received a scholarship amount of 10000N$

Jahaan Bharucha at Troy University, Alabama - USA
Our student Jahaan Bharucha is a proud receipient of the prestigious Chancellor's Award (100% Tuition fee Waiver) from Troy University, Alabama, USA for the course of BBA-Sports Management .

Sharron Furtado at the Sheffield Hallam University - UK
Our student Sharron Furtado from Pune being awarded the International Achievement Scholarship for the course MSC Applying Physiotherapy at the Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

Rushabh Shah at the Bently University - USA
Our Student Rushabh Shah has received a scholarship amount of $200000 at Bently University (USA) covering 50% of his tuition fees. He has applied for the course Bachelors in Undecided Business

Kritibha Rai at University College Dublin - Ireland
Our Student Kritibha Rai has received a Government of Ireland International Scholarship for MSc Actuarial Science FT at University College Dublin, Ireland. This scholarship entitled her with a full tuition fee waiver and €10,000 stipend for up to one academic year.

Bibhas Biswas at Southern Institute of Technology - New Zealand
Our Student, Bibhas Biswas has received John Sports Scholarship at Southern Institute of Technology (New Zealand) covering 100% of his tuition fees for the course Graduate Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science

We at Edwise streamline and personalize the process for each student irrespective of the destination, institution, course or any level of study. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you individual attention and exceptional guidance throughout your process of application. We provide assistance related to course selections, admission, visa, bank-loan and scholarships. We also host University delegates for direct student interaction and all these services are provided free of cost. Edwise International was established in 1991 and has been maintaining strong networks with over 725 universities in 16 countries, thus giving us a unique insight into the finest educational establishments worldwide.

Start your education overseas with valuable information on everything you need to know about studying abroad, from study permits, temporary resident visas and how much it costs, to finding the best suited program for you.

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