What is “Second Chance Living”?

It is having another opportunity to start your life, love, happiness and success stories all over again.
When I teach on second chance living, many people come and make the claim that their second chance has already come and gone. Not so, second chance living is a daily walk.
2010 is the year of obedience, sacrifice and restoration. All three have everything to do with how your year will look. Obedience to what we know is right for our lives. Sacrificing our leisure time, taking time to give for the cause. If it is truly something you are sacrificing, you will feel the pain of it. Restoration of all things that were taken or have been stagnate in our lives. Many of us have sat down on our promises feeling that the time will never come. The promise is still there, you just stop expecting!
I recently wrote an article on “Overcoming The Fear Of Success”. The article was embraced not only by those who had never had real success, at least by their definition, but also by those who are known for their areas of expertise. The responses to the article were all the same; I want to give it all I have to be successful. Maybe I have a second chance.
Indeed there is a second chance for you to get back up and try again. All the things that you are dreaming of and then hoping for are a part of your destiny, which is in your tomorrows. If you decide today that you are no longer willing to take or believe that there is another chance on destiny, you have already denied us the chance to partake of the gifts that are in you.
For 2010, I will post articles that will present success stories and lessons that will illustrate ways to continue on your personal journey for life. My past said that I would never experience a good day. With a life of abuse, drugs and rejection, I desired to die everyday. Even with the threat of wanting to never exist, I still woke up every day asking God, “Why are you not letting me die!?” So everyday I would try to live just a little more and still ask that ridiculous question. I remember one particular day that I was laying in the bed crying because I felt rejection and failure. About 15 minutes later, my then two small children came into the room, kissed me good morning and asked mommy for some breakfast. It was at that moment, on that day, that I realized that I was getting up everyday to a second chance. A chance to not only do those things that I did by daily routine, but to do things that were not accomplished, dreamed of and hoped for one more time. If I did not see my dreams turn to hope and reality, I had another chance.
So my personal quote and mantra for life is based on my experience. I no longer want to die, but enjoy living. My quote simply is: Everyday you live is a second chance at life!
I look forward to the time we will spend together this year!
Karen L. Donald

Author's Bio: 

Karen L. Donald is truly a woman of personal victory. Overcoming battles of abuse, addiction and trauma, she is rising up as one of the most demanded speakers in the United States. As an established entrepreneur, she founded Karen Donald Ministries and Donald and Associates. As a trainer, International speaker and 20 years of Multimedia experience, she has formed a team of specialist across the country that offer training and consultation through workshops, conferencing and newsletters. You can now enjoy her powerful seminars via CD/DVD, public television, Internet and more!

Karen's passion is outreach services which was introduced to her at Great Faith Ministries, International under the leadership of Bishop Wayne T. and Dr. Beverly Jackson. With their mentoring, she has excelled in faith, love and knowledge.

She is well known for her area of expertise, Inner Healing of the total man. Karen offers training for sales teams, community organizations and individuals who are looking to overcome barriers in their lives. She has a message of hope and testimony of victory that is her message and medicine for empowerment and emotional healing. Her current schedule also includes powerful clinics for Parenting and Mentor Training. When asked of her success, she says that being transparent in all areas of her life is used to help others. Her words of encouragement to all are simple but powerful. "Everyday you live is a second chance at life!"