Every winning individual, team, organisation and athlete use their vision to attain their end reward.

A winning mind knows that the road less travelled is filled with challenges. This is where Vision comes in. Unlike most people who are put off by challenges, A Winning Mind focuses on the end reward even if it's no where to be seen in that moment. Vision is the ability to see into the future before the majority do. Vision is your GPS that will take you through to your destination no matter how dark the roads will be along the way.

Vision is more than just day dreaming. Day dreaming usually falls in the 'would be nice to have and do' category. There will be those who will dream. Unfortunately that's all it will ever be, a mere dream. Then there will be others who will dream and talk about it. Unfortunately that's all it will ever be, just talk.

Vision is different. Vision has energy. Vision has direction. Vision brings about action and commitment. When you possess vision, you develop a relentless pursuit to do what ever needs to be done to get to your end reward. Vision is the determination and laser focus to see one's self or organisation through a rough patch, always remembering that, this too shall pass. The strength of an individual or an organisation is in the fact that they can set and achieve their goals before most people can even begin to imagine it. They see themselves winning. They see themselves crossing the finish line when most people are arguing about where to draw the start line. They are mentally ahead of the pack. They have got to their end reward once in their mind, and they will do it a second time in reality. After all, the mind can't distinguish fact from fiction (a reason why some of us cry when watching sad movies)

Surviving vs. thriving

When most people are focussed on staying put as a means of survival, those with vision pull through because they want to thrive when the things turn back up. Those with a winning mind take action on their knowledge in order to attain the vision they seek. Those with vision play a completely different ball game. They play the game in the moment but constantly think and act based on their vision ahead.

They learn ask questions such as

How can we be more prepared? Where can we be better equipped? How can our people have an edge? How can we better invest in developing leadership within our organisatons? What support can we put in place? What actions are important for us to take right now? What Strategies could we develop? How could we incorporate our strengths to maximise our global network? How can we work through win win partnerships?

These are but a few of many questions those with a Winning Mind would continually ask themselves. They not only look into, but right through their problems when the majority are running away from them. When most people let fear grip them, those who possess A Winning Mind are always at the forefront of things. Those with vision know that they best way to face fear, is to hit it HEAD ON. Their vision makes them fearless.

Seeing yourself through the crisis

Let's face it; we are all faced with challenges that come in different shapes and sizes. Challenges are just part of the game. Those with vision know that the only time they will have no challenges is when they seize to live. So whilst they are alive, they choose to face challenges knowing that it will make them stronger. They know that challenges are opportunities to see whether they have what it takes to make it through. Those with a winning mind know that their vision is being tested.

The whale in the room-

Individuals and organisation lacking vision are shaken by adversities Those without vision and direction simply work hard and always wonder why and how is it, that they are unable to achieve the end reward they desire.

I was thinking the other day, if 'Financial Crisis was a brand, it would be bigger than Louis Vuitton'.

It sounds grim, but this is the reality of life. Yes we had a financial crisis. We have all been affected by the crisis one way or another. Some have been dented, others completely wiped out financially, some have even profited from it. Either way, you must stand tall. We have had a crisis, but now we must move on. What if you had lived between 1918 and 1945 where many faced the crisis of world war 1, the epidemic flu, the great depression and world war 2? If this crisis has anyone you know feeling down, then ask them how they would feel if they spent the best of your life through those times?

Those with vision have faith in their own abilities. Those with vision know that any crisis is a lesson to be learned from, not something to be driven by.

A coin always has two sides to it. When many choose to look at the one side that is going against them, those committed to their vision do what ever they have to do to get to the other side. They go over it, around it, to the side of it and even through their challenges to see the other side of the coin.

Those with A Winning Mind know that there always lie opportunities in the midst of a crisis. There are far too many examples of this. I remember reading an article last month about a guy who in January wrote a program for the Iphone which ended up being download so many times, that the royalty he received in January was over half a million dollars. Needless to say, he didn't feel the need to go to work. Isn't that interesting considering the number of people desperately looking for work, complaining that it is hard to

I would like to suggest that you always carry a coin with you. Label one side crisis, and the other side opportunity. When ever you are faced with a challenge, grab hold of the coin. When ever you least expect a challenge and when in most cases you least want challenges, grab hold of the coin. Either feel it, or look at it and remind yourself about the two sides. Use it as an anchor in your day to day life.

When a winning individual or organisation has a vision, they will dare to step out into the unknown as any leader would. They will dare to stand tall when the majority are hesitant. They will dare to stand alone and lead by example. They will dare to lead from within and do what ever needs to be done to achieve that vision.

Those with a winning mind know that the name of the game is moving forward. In any climate, those with a winning mind learn to cope and move forward accordingly, continuing on with their vision.

Author's Bio: 

Kevin Abdulrahman is The Man Inspiring Millions. He is an International Author of THE BOOK on Winning The Game Of Life, a Keynote Speaker, Mind Nutrition Expert, world class Mind Coach to the elite and an in-demand Trainer.

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