The most important step before selecting a general contractor is to become familiar with the construction, language, and details required to build a home. It is easier for both the client and the general contractor when there is a shared level of understanding in the construction of the house.

When choosing a general contractor, it is best to start with a group of four or more contractors. Request your offers and narrow each option down to one. Make sure the chosen contractor is competent, qualified, and professional.

Understand that the most popular reason for a poorly built home is not a bad plan but a bad contractor.

There are different types of contractors. Knowing how to identify each one will help you get the best one for the job.

Established General Contractor - These are qualified and reputable builders who are part of an established business or partnership. They are often associated with high-profile and prestigious construction projects.

Qualified New Builders - These are general contractors who have recently started building on their own. These general contractors are just starting out and would like to earn a positive reputation. These contractors most likely worked with a builder before starting on their own.

New fringe contractors - These are builders who didn't really have any formal training but are familiar with the complexities of building a home. It's best to reserve these types of contractors for minor construction projects, as the quality of their work is average at best.

Dishonest and inept builders: These types of contractors are sometimes referred to as the missing builder. They are so called because they tend to disappear in the middle of the project or when the final payment has been made.
In any case, these contractors do not have the skills to establish themselves and have a good reputation.

It's easy to avoid choosing the wrong contractor for the project. Following these guidelines you can distinguish the good from the bad:

Real estate brokers, construction providers, plumbers, and electricians are good sources of information for evaluating what type of general contractor you are talking to.

Browse past projects done. As mentioned, qualified new builders generally started with an established contractor. Check the projects they have done before.

Interview previous clients. Ask past clients about their experience with the general contractor. Was the builder professional? How quickly did the contractor react to problems after the project was completed?
With a careful evaluation and meticulous background checks, the right general contractor can be found for the construction project in mind.

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