Your Emotional Intelligence skills are recognized. Your Leadership, team work, perseverance, performance and resilience are well-known. Your cognitive intelligence has been proven. Your analytical skills and capacity to rationalize has proven useful in emotionally loaded circumstances. You know yourself well and self-assess regularly to make sure you’re well and on track. You’re self-confident and poised. Your reliability is undeniable. You strategize and prioritize well. You know your limits well. You know when to stop and change orientation.

When opportunities arise, you size up the advantages and disadvantages rapidly and are capable of making a definitive decision after careful yet rapid consideration. Your frame of reference, updated regularly, has been enriched by readings, research and seminars. You are well equipped to cope. Professionally, you are at the top of your field.

You are well-rounded socially. Your communication skills allow an easy interaction at all levels. You know how to seek out the appropriate support. When dealing with staff, you empathize easily and suggest alternatives for problem solving smoothly. You are pleasant and firm.

Your is felt by those who surround you. Your encouraging smile goes a long way and you know it. You are well-respected for who and what you are.

There is equilibrium in your personal life as well. You know how to balance all the facets of your life. Your spirituality is based on strong values such as integrity, loyalty and compassion. You monitor your health by being attentive to your body’s needs to eat well, sleep well and exercise.

Your companionship is fulfilling and respectful. You feel loved and reciprocate in kind. As a parent, you model well. You know the importance of respecting differences. You feel content with your life. Financially, you are secure. You may dwell in contentment with family and friends surrounding you.

Well then, what’s next?

Some seek to maintain their quality of life; others may turn to new challenges. Still, others may realize that there is still work to do...

Should there be some areas that you think need improvement, you may start an outline so that, during this year, you already have pointers as to what you plan to improve. Month after month, you may reassess so as to reach you goals. A lifetime of improvement can only benefit you. Take one step at the time and move towards your next challenge!

Author's Bio: 

In a nutshell, I am an attentive, compassionate person who wishes to make a difference in people`s lives.
Some 17 years of experience as a Mentor & Coach, pertinent Career and life experiences, a Master’s degree in Education and additional training in Emotional Intelligence, traumatology, Critical Incident Stress Management and Compassion Fatigue enable me to better perceive my clients’ needs. Because of this, I know how to help my clients clarify their thoughts, pinpoint issues and take concrete, suitable action to solve the problem, in record time.
My clients then regain the appealing glow and spark of the keen, confident, energetic people they’ve always been. They walk away with the pride and triumphant joy of having overcome.
Have a nice week. Happy Trails,

Elizabeth McNally
Mentor & Licensed Certified EI Coach

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