You are not alone in the every-day struggle where you try to wrap your head around all the problems in life. And in a desperate attempt to keep yourself from stumbling, the toughest thing to do is to stay sane. Life certainly wouldn’t stop feeling more and more like a circus – one that can literally drive you crazy. That is the reason you need to make sure that your negligence doesn’t make you or anyone a victim in the end.

Little Things Often Add Up

If you lose focus on your thoughts, this can lead to serious problems. The effects can become serious before you even know it. Your problems could start small, and then go on, gradually until you entirely mess up your life - your dreams and your ambitions. How many times have you hurriedly shoved your car keys under a cushion because of your little son, and then hours later forget where that top-secret hiding spot was? This sort of absent-mindedness is, usually, just the start, especially for women. The moment you start feeling this is happening too often and that it is posing as a problem in your everyday life, you need to take it as a big red flag. It is a signal that’s urging you to start taking better care of yourself.

Barely Any Care?

Eating healthy and sticking to your gym schedules is definitely not everything that makes your life great. You may also have all your pedicures, manicures, spa days and movie binges happening regularly without fail. However, that does not really mean you are ‘taking care’ of yourself. Your mind and body require the right kind of treatment to feel relaxed and satisfied. While spa days and manicures certainly could contribute to achieving some relief and relaxation, and healthy food could help your mind and body function right, they still wouldn’t really count as complete, satisfying care. So, instead of opting for diversions and distractions all the time, you need to find more wholesome and fulfilling ways that offer you mental and emotional satisfaction.

Quality Time

Once again, people may define the idea of ‘quality time’ in so many ways. However, as you mature with the experiences in life, you realize that nothing beats the time and moments you spend with someone you love, and most importantly, someone who loves you back, someone who shows you that they care about you. Having gotten to the stage you are in your life right now, you may have undoubtedly seen how vital it is not to feel lonely. Receiving love and kindness from someone, anyone who cares can certainly make a huge deal in the way you feel and of course, the way your life goes.

Keep a Check on the Tech

The reason many people aren’t able to embrace the good things in life that are right in front of them could be because they are so focused on gadgets like smartphones. People have become highly reliant on tech, even for happiness. But, as you know, in reality, tech will only take you so far, and not provide the fulfillment you seek. In other words, if there’s one thing tech cannot give you, it is true happiness, contentment, and fulfillment. So, make sure you put away your mobile phones and other gadgets that distract you and get out of the virtual world. Go out into the garden, breathe, and interact with nature; the ‘real’ things around you.

Moderation is so important, especially if you’ve developed the tendency to rely on your smartphone to fill your mental and emotional gaps. You could set up specific times for email/facebook checking and also limit it to few times a day. If you think you need to have your mobile nearby, make sure you turn off your notifications for unimportant apps. This may almost sound like throwing rigid rules at school kids. No, it really is important to practice discipline if you want to work on your personal wellbeing.

Bonds: Friends and Companions

We all have one person in life, (or a couple of them if lucky) whom we turn to whenever we fall into trouble, even if it means having a bad day. Some of us would go on an endless narrative with detail and description about the ‘bad day’, while some would hardly use words to express how they feel. At the end of the day, it isn’t a solution or a conclusion that you’d normally seek from this ‘companion’ of yours. Instead, simply communicating your issues with them is all that matters to feel understood, acknowledged, cared for, and eventually, a whole lot better. That’s why it could be so important for each one of us to have a special someone who is kind, caring, sympathetic and loyal.

More-than-Human Friendships

Our companions don’t have to be human, at least not in the literal sense. Animals have always been amazing friends, companions, and therapists. Dogs, in particular, are incredibly sensitive creatures who’ve never failed to be the best companions to those in need. You don’t need words to communicate your emotions and your feelings with them. Many are able to build meaningful bonds and relationships with these friendly animals, even more than they do with the humans in their lives. This is because they have amazing effects on our minds and lives, for happiness and for healing.

Did you know that people who have such great pets even get them registered at official institutions that recognize them as friendly, support animals? Look up USServiceAnimals for instance, to know how this is done legally. Once they are identified and recognized to have exceptional abilities to heal and support, these pets are ready to go out into the world to help anyone in need of validation, care, and mental and emotional support.

Self-care is incredibly vital for everyone, but it’s sadly something that’s given the least attention to, and in some cases, completely overlooked. People today engage in different types of behaviour, falsely believing them to be the means of acquiring happiness and relief. However, what you need to keep in mind is that such happiness is only temporary and don’t give you the fulfillment and satisfaction that you yearn for within.

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