In my lifetime I have read many books about self improvement, spirituality and self empowerment. As a therapist I have to stay updated with current and new literature than can help clients improve their well being.

Looking for self improvement and self empowerment book that has some really authentic information and help is not as easy as it sounds. The market is trashed with 10,000’s of books all boasting to help you improve your wellbeing. The sad fact is that most of them are trash and poorly written, a lot written just make cash from people who are seeking some help spiritually and emotionally.

Today more and more people are looking for a solution to the stress and strain of life and because of this there purchase power has created a billion dollar industry in the publishing industry. This billion dollar industry has enticed a lot of non-ethical authors to cash-in by churning out some basic, previously covered, content and put a flashy cover on. You genuinely have search through hundreds of books and reviews to find a genuinely useful and insightful read.

How To Choose The Right Self Empowerment Book

Firstly you need to clear about what it is you are looking for as there are hundreds of niches related to self-empowerment. You can books about work empowerment, relationships, spiritual and lots more. The best thing to do before you start searching for a book that best suits you is to sit down and think about what it is you want. Decide what sort of empowerment you are looking for - personal, spiritual, relationship, work. After you have honed down your book content desire you then need to choose where to look for your book. A lot of great offline book shops like Waterstones, Powells Books and WHSmith. You can do a Google search for local bookstore that sells self help books. Alternatively you can search for an ebook online via one of the large book platforms like Amazon

Read the Reviews

If you are unsure about the book you are going to purchase read the reviews first. I would generally advise doing a search on Google fro reviews as some of the online book sellers offer loads of reviews for each book that may, or may not be genuine. Read a review about as spiritual book can give you a better insight into its content from genuine readers. This way of validating the book you are going to purchase is pretty much foolproof. Authors try to sell themselves in the bio’s but customers will give an unbiased overview of the book they have just read.

In my own personal reading I have come across a lot of great books that offer help and inspiration to people seeking a higher self awareness. Here I am listing my top 3 allround books that have had a dramatic and profound effect, not only within me, but also in those of my clients.

My Top 3 Spiritual & Empowerment Books 2019

Below are my top 3 favourite and life inspiring spiritual books I have ever read - and I have read a lot.

The Power Of Now - by Eckhart Tolle

A really good book about living the now of life and how the mind can thwart happiness. I cheated with this book and listened to the audio book narrated by Eckhart himself.Really inspiring and thought provoking, although I don't think Eckhart would like that. The Power of Now invites one to become present and aware of the present in all that they do and shows you how to do this.

Awareness - by Anthony De Mello

Written by Jesuit priest the book Awareness is a great piece of literature written to help make the reader more aware of themselves and life. Full of analogies and parables this book is a great read for anybody wanting to, as Anthony puts it ‘Wake Up’ and live their lives in full instead of sleepwalking through life.

Hole In The Soul To Supercharged Spirit - by James T. Canmore

One of the best books I've read on 21st century spirituality without the migraine-causing antiquated language some of these books douse themselves in. A real eye opener to the problems most human beings are facing today internally and how to remedy them. A great book for self empowerment and enhancing the spirit within.

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