People do not give this much thought, but one’s self-esteem plays a huge role in how we perform and even lead our lives. It matters how others, our loved ones and even we see our own self; this influences our thoughts and consequently our actions.

One thing that is very important in building our self-esteem is how we work towards our goals, objectives and dreams that we set for ourselves. If we fail to meet our goals or have not done anything to materialize our dreams this might affect our confidence greatly. It is thus important that we take care while making decisions. The right decision might lead to success and hence enhanced confidence. Positive thinking is imperative here. One has to keep motivating themselves in order to be able to strive for success. Achieving a goal or making your dreams come true are not a child’s play. They may take considerable time and effort. A healthy self-image will help you give the right push and determination that you might need to materialize your plans into reality. Having a low idea about yourself will greatly hinder your growth.

Self-esteem is all about how you see and value yourself and it has a lot to do with how you think others see you as. So it is important to culture positive thoughts and self-image. One of the things that lower self esteem is criticism. The worst kind of criticisms is the one that comes from you. When you always criticize yourself it can lead to having feelings of self doubt. Negative thought can have greatly destructive effects on your efforts and progress. For instance, if you think that you do not have the apparatus for doing a certain job then you would never be able to put in enough work into it to be successful in that field. You should always believe in your capabilities. It is not that success would be a stone’s throw away but with the appropriate dedication and effort is definitely achievable.

So how do you go about building your self-esteem? The key thing to focus on is your thoughts. Avoid mulling too much over your failures. It is definitely advised that you learn from your mistakes but brooding over them is an entirely different issue. Everyone cannot be successful in everything. But if you have a goal in mind , you need to weigh the practical necessities and your strengths and have a strong, systematic plan things can definitely work out. One of the easiest ways to give your ego a boost is to sit down with a sheet of paoer and listing out all the achievements in the recent past , no matter how small or big they are. This will show you that you had overcome so many obstacles and came out o winner. The list might even surprise you , because we tend to forget about our achievements in midst of our efforts for greater success.

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