Years ago, I wrote to a Psychiatrist about Self Hypnotism, and told him that I thought that self hypnotism and bio-feedback was same thing, but without a machine.
He said,that I could teach the subject, but not call it bio-feedback, which I understood.

You can not damage your brain, and it is the best way to reduce stress and anger. Many schools are assigning students to social workers for "anger management." Of course, the insurance companies are paying for most of this work.

And, that is unfortunate, because we can teach self hypnotism easily. It is "suggestive." learning.

And, you can also improve your health. I can prove that I made my sick. And, self hypnotism can make one feel better. Let me tell what happened to me at age 70.

My wife, was on dialysis and had been seriously ill.My grandson had been placed in my care (guardianship). The brain can only handle one adversity at a time.

There were trips to the hospital. And, taking care of a fourteen year old male teenager was stressful. But, I volunteered to do this, because my daughter was ill.

My appointment at a large Cincinnati hospital was in the early afternoon. Ear appointment. I had been using a cane, but decided to park far away from the building. I had told myself, "You need the exercise."

After my appointment, I walked to the car. In the middle of the parking lot, my leg gave away and I fell to the ground. No one around. I got up and struggled my way to the car. After I placed my head on the steering wheel, I had started to cry. "My life is over!" I thought to myself.

After a few minutes, I started the car. Then, at the first stop light, I started crying once more. "My life is over," I repeated to myself.

When I arrived at my son's business place, I broke down and told everyone, "I am going to die." And, I believed this and kept repeating it. Guess what happened?

I ended up in the hospital for three days. But, there was nothing wrong with me. I had talked myself into the hospital. And, I believe that if you are sick, a good attitude can make you feel better.

If you know someone that is under catastrophic stress or if a person needs anger management, tell them about self hypnosis. Many doctors use this practice.

If you practice positive attitdes, along with self hypnosis, you can be happier. You will have control of your mind (smokers will not quit-unless they tell themselves to quit. They must want to quit. Without mind control, you are without direction and purpose in life.

Know who you are. By talking to yourself, you will know your habits, your beliefs and values. And, you can build confidence (self esteem) What are your capabilities?
What are your skills?

Know how to handle adversity (hard times) in a positive manner. Then,you will be able to believe in yourself. And, handling hard times in a positive manner will lead you to a successful life. And, later on, you will see "nothing matters." By that, I mean - when you recall that adversity, it won't mean anything to you. You conquered that situation.

Do not let anyone control you! Many men and women believe that they are in love and are attracted by the opposite sex. They allow themselves to be abused, and continue to return to that person.

You can overcome depression, sadness and others by using self hypnosis.

During the last 35 years, I have practiced and viewed "good" positive attitudes, and negative attitudes, used by people. It has helped me, and along with self hypnosis. One can have a happy life. Unfortunately, people do not want to take the time.

We should teach young people how to practice positive attitudes, and self hypnosis, so that they can reduce stress in their lives. It could be more helpful than anger management.

Charles Hice (Hice, Charles

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Writer, 81 years old, author of "Last Hours of Seven Four Stackers." and numerous articles. Volunteered since age 33, and believer in Speed Volunteering (helping others in a short period of time---one does not have to spend hours to help people. Currently working in a homeless shelter, in Ohio