All too often you hear of people who talk about goal setting. Yet you my friend are well aware that many goals have been set only to have never been achieved, worst yet, they were never even started. By now you are must be also aware of the fact that time stops for no one. If in doubt, check your calendar. You will be reminded that you will never be able to relive a day that has just gone by.

It is therefore important to make the most of the time you have and start not only setting goals (and never achieving them as in the case of the majority), but more importantly take the right measures to achieve your goals.

For those who want to move from goal setting (and failing) to goal achieving, I will share with you a six quick tips. This will help get you well on your way to becoming successful in achieving your goals this year.

1. Remind yourself

Remind yourself that a goal never started is a goal never achieved. For you to achieve your goals, you need to take action. Period… Standing still and hoping that you will cross the road will never get you to the other side no matter how much you wish for it to be. Only when you make a move, will you have a chance at crossing that road. Only when you take steps, can you say you have movement, and no matter how slow and how small of a baby step you take, you will be able to achieve your goals sooner or later. Take Action.

2. Create a plan of attack

Work out a plan, then put that plan to work. A plan is designed to help ensure you are on the right path to achieving your goals. A plan is not set in concrete. It is something that can be changed along the way but if the goals you set are equivalent to going north, then you want to ensure that your map and directions (plan) are pointing you to the northern highway. Most people never get to their goals because they are on the western highway wanting to go north.

3. It’s ok if you don’t make it on time

It’s ok for your goals to be delayed. All too often many never achieve their goals because they are overwhelmed that they have past their set deadline. This causes a lot of stress, and results in many giving up or decreases the intensity of their efforts. Remember that as long as you are doing your best continually and taking the right action, whether you get to your goal on time or six months later, it’s ok- You have still achieved your goal. Sometimes you may get there sooner. Use your actions and results as a gauge at what you need to do. May be your actions need to be stepped up in order for you to achieve your goals on time. Sometimes, you simply need the time to ensure you build the skills and ability to ensure you achieve the goal. Achieving a goal is a formula, a science. It’s not a game of chance.

4. Your attitude

Your attitude is a key factor in you achieving your goals. If your attitude is a winning one, then no mistake, challenge or failure is a ‘be all or end all’ for you. Your attitude will ensure that any event is simple a stumbling block and you won’t use it as a reason to stop from achieving your goals. Attitude is key to achieving your goals. Two such winning attitudes is realising that a) it’s never too late to start and b) You don’t get a gold medal for giving up. Having a winning attitude will see you through any obstacle.

5. Focus on the steps you must take

Once you have set your goal, just focus on the steps you have to take. Many let the end goal overwhelm them. They start thinking that they might fail, that they are unable to do it, that things will go wrong. You must simply focus on taking the steps you need to take. Over time you will achieve your goals because of the sum of actions you have taken. Picture that you are making a tasty meal for dinner. You visualise it when you are bringing the ingredients together to make the meal. Over a period of time (having placed the right ingredients together), the meal you initially visualised (goal) becomes a reality. Achieving your goals in life is no different to cooking tasty meal.

6. Knock backs included (plenty of them)

Knock backs are part of the game. Understand and accept it. Use every knock back, every hiccup, every challenge and every failure to double your effort. Use it to grow stronger in your desires to achieve your goals. Always remember that you can laugh at your past failures but you can never laugh at your past regrets. Sticking to, working on and achieving your goals will bring you a life long sense of satisfaction as opposed to giving up when the times got tough. Again, they don’t hand out gold medals for giving up. With every knock back, get back up STRONG.

The above six tips will help you achieve your goals. Begin with Step 1- Take Action.

Here’s to you Winning Everyday

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