There are varieties of ways to make money from a blog or website. You could sell ads, write sponsored content, or work with content companions. You could build an online shop or use affiliate links to send your readers to someone else’s online shop. You could even create a subscription form, where readers need to pay to view your content.
However, none of those plans are going to work if you don’t have a consistent flow of people coming to your site. That’s why the first step in making money from your blog or website is building an audience. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

What is search engine optimization?

When you google something, Google’s algorithm works to choose stories and posts that will answer your question. SEO is all about understanding those algorithms. That way, when someone googles something that connects to your website or blog, they won’t have to produce through several pages of results to find yours. It'll be right at the top.
It matters a lot being ranked highly on Google. You might think that using social media is the best way to get your blog or website seen. I don’t want to discount them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the rest can be strong means to help you make a following.

But, there are two great parts about being ranked highly on Google search engine results:

Google is the highest-traffic website in the world. Even getting a section of Google’s traffic is significant for your website.

Optimized content can stay in the top place for as long as it’s relevant. A top-ranked Google post can last for months or even years. For example, I wrote my “How to play Badminton” post in June, and it’s still no. 1 eight months later also. You just can’t get that on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Even if you use a closed post, you only get one. There’s no limit on how many top-ranked Google articles you can write.
So, now we know what SEO is and why it’s important. But, how do we actually optimize our content? How do we make online content that appears on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines?

Make your site optimized before you write any post

Search engines consider more than just the words on the page. They also take into account factors including the quality and consistency of your site speed and authority. There are many of the other factors that go into website SEO. Speed- There are a ton of reasons why you should want your website to run as fast as possible. Web users are particularly anxious, and they’re likely to leave your website maybe forever if it takes just two seconds to load. At the same time, improving website speed can lead to an increase in conversions, downloads, and views.

Many people may not know, if SEO is known, then it is not only likely to earn money online by using it as a freelancer, but also in many other ways as well. Income can be made without the trouble of bidding online at SEO and learning. You need to have the exact guideline.

Google Adsense: If Google is able to bring good keywords by keyword research, it is possible to bring huge traffic to every site effortlessly. SEO will help you a lot. Because knowing the SEO and you know it is possible to drag your blog a long way.

Affiliate marketing: In an Online Affiliate Marketing world, it is easy to say, promote other products on your own website and sell it. The best way to do this is to bring a specific product on your site into the first page of the search result. The interesting thing is that affiliate sites are also can be sold at a very good price. But before beginning, this SEO has a clear idea about what it is. To learn SEO, it is possible to earn money online from SEO, understanding everything in detail.

Marketplace: Upwork, Paypal, Freelancer, etc. There is lots of marketplace work. You can earn money by joining these marketplaces and various types of work here. It is possible to get the result from SEO if you can show the skills.

Local business: It is to be remembered that in addition to the International Market, the local market also has a huge number of tasks. Local market SEO related tasks are available in different organizations or websites. As long as the local market goes, the same will be available for the project order.

Seasonal Product Cell: Since SEO is the main purpose of bringing the website to Google’s ranking through certain keywords, hence based on Research Trends and keyword research, earning money easily would not be able to worry.

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