If you are not satisfied with the performance of your current boiler, speak to your plumber. The boiler may need some maintenance, repair or replacement. If the plumber suggests a new boiler then consider your options. Shall you buy a Burnham gas boiler or a Peerless Boiler? Also check the availability of Burnham repair parts. This article compares the Burnham gas boiler and Peerless boiler.

Burnham Boiler

Replacing a boiler requires both time and money. To make sure that your next boiler serves your needs for years, you need to choose the right product from a leading brand. Both Burnham and Peerless Boilers manufacture highly efficient and durable products. You can also count their customer support services.

Burnham Boiler vs Peerless Boiler

Burnham Boiler

This American company is based in Lancaster, PA. It has a proven track record of manufacturing the best quality heating products and controls. The company has an in-house research & development department. So, this company innovates and its products meet all the safety and performance standards. Burnham manufactures both gas fired and oil fired boilers. When it comes to an oil fired boiler for residential applications, the most popular option by this brand is the Burnham MPO-IQ115. This model comes with a chimney venting and hot water. The efficiency of this boiler rated at 101KBTU is 87%. This is more than decent. Its thick insulated jacket and a vacuum-formed burner door help in retaining heat. This model comes with a 3-pass heat exchanger that recirculates heat. Removable rear plates and a reversible burner door make installation and maintenance super easy.

Pros of Burnham Boiler

  • Made in US

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • A long, proven track record

  • Industrial, commercial and residential boilers

Cons of Burnham Boiler

  • Its efficiency rating is lower than Peerless oil boilers .

  • You might face some issues with your Burnham Gas boiler or oil boiler.

If you need one for residential use, you can rely on Burnham boilers. Even when its efficiency ratings are not as impressive and those of Peerless Boilers, Burnham makes reputable boilers. Speak to your plumber to figure out if you need a Burnham gas boiler or Burnham oil boiler.

Peerless Boiler

This is also an American company known for its hydraulic heating systems and high-efficiency boilers. Many boilers by this brand are Energy Star certified. The Series WB90 is the best by the brand. Peerless Boilers offer an efficiency rating of 90%. They have made some of the best-rated boilers.

Pros of Peerless Boiler

  • Made in America

  • Easy service and maintenance

  • High efficiency

  • Commercial and residential models

Cons of Peerless Boilers

Peerless Boilers come with a 1-year warranty only. However, you can extend it to 10 years.

So, shall you buy a Burnham boiler or Peerless boiler? Check online ratings and reviews. Make sure that you can buy boiler parts online so that you can easily make repairs or replacements. Explain your requirements to your plumber. The plumber will suggest the brand and model that is just right for you. Both Burnham and Peerless are perfect for you.

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