There is a shift in the consciousness in our culture right now. More and more people want to live in integrity and do what their soul longs for instead of living a hybrid existence. This is particularly true for the soul-inspired entrepreneur.

Just like a hybrid vehicle that has two different engines, one gas and one electric; a hybrid life is part soul-inspired while the other part is often money or relationship driven. Unlike a hybrid vehicle a hybrid life is not always in perfect alignment. While it is true that many conscious-preneurs are more likely to drive a hybrid vehicle, they don’t necessarily want to live their lives this way.

Living aligned is about knowing that everything you seek is already within you. It is about revealing more of that truth as it relates to the harmony of your spirituality, your lifestyle and your business.

So when shifting from hybrid to wholeness these entrepreneurs:

* Recognize that spirituality is no longer a part of who they are and how they live. They use the universal principles to live their lives.

* Live in gratitude and on purpose.

* Are no longer in corporate America, so they create their own life mission and live from their life purpose, not from someone else’s mission statement.

* They create a lifestyle where practicing self-care and balance creates equity in their life making a space for joy.

* For the most part they realize they must have a focus to their business that doesn’t allow them to be pulled out of alignment over the newest ‘bright shiny object’. This is true for all areas in business, but especially in the areas where you are looking for a return on your investment.

So if you are making the shift from Corporate America to become an entrepreneur or realigning your life to uncover the good in your business; look at these areas and ask yourself are you still living a hybrid life or are you taking the necessary steps to shift into wholeness?

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