Jewelry is the charm of every woman, and that's why we invest ourselves emotionally and financially in them. It's equally important to buy some classic designer jewelry as it is to buy jewelry for occasions. Owning classic jewelry helps you in the times when you are out of outfit ideas and don't know how to add charm.

good luck necklaces

Here are some top trends in classic designer jewelry that we believe every woman should own.

Long Gold Chain

Owning a long gold chain is something you should be proud of. Long chains are versatile as they go well with every outfit. You can wear them as they are or turn them into layered necklaces in a moment. Precious long chain is one of the popular women's fashion necklaces that goes with evening gowns, formal looks, and even more.

Alphabet pendant necklaces

An alphabet pendant necklace is a chain along with the customized letter pendant. Alphabet pendant necklaces are an excellent piece of jewelry as a gift.

These pendants are also known to be good luck necklaces that you can purchase for yourself and your loved ones. These pendants cover most of the outfits and also look elegant. They are available in many varieties so that you can purchase based on your preferences.


A string of pearls can either work as a bracelet or a necklace. It is a charming classic piece of jewelry that should be there in every woman's jewelry collection. Usually, most women have a string of pearls that they either purchase themselves or receive from their grandmothers. Pearls might sound very simple to you, but this designer jewelry can make you look charming even if your outfit isn't that loud.

Stackable rings

Stackable rings can't be ignored among other jewelry pieces. Even if you prefer wearing solitaires, know that stackable rings offer a more bold appearance. You can purchase a bunch of gold rings to fill up the hands or pair up an eternity ring with a solitaire if you want an intense effect.


A jewelry stack is incomplete without diamond jewelry pieces. If you want heavier jewelry, consider buying diamond women's fashion necklaces. Or, if you want lightweight jewelry, get a diamond ring or bracelet to add to your collection. Most stores offer diamonds with diverse options. Visiting the right store can help you choose the preferred diamond jewelry for yourself.

That's all on our list of essential designer jewelry . Make sure you have all of them in your jewelry box to have a go-to jewelry option on any outing. If you think there might be more, buy them unhesitatingly from your favorite store. Make it certain that the store you are shopping from is reliable.

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