From a stress management point of view whether to celebrate Bin Laden's demise is a question? Whether to release the photos of his dead body is also a big question. Let's look at this issue from a spiritual perspective.

Since the beginning of time, man has had the predominate idea of God being a deity (God) which is apart from himself. Is this concept correct? Even though close to 100% of those questioned on this subject would agree to this point, there is an alternate explanation. From a stress management point of view, the stress of this belief can not be fathomed—especially how it impacts building self esteem.

A more spiritual point or Eastern point of view is that man is God. But to most that is blasphemous as it's believed to underrate God—to diminish him or her. But just suppose it's not that God is being under rated, but that man is under rating himself.

But what about the scriptures? I'm not going to get into quoting scripture. That was already done in the 1930's. Goddard Neville, (1905-1972) wrote At Your Command. Dr. Joe Vitalie republished it in 2005. It is "must read" and then to read the Bible again. Simply google “At Your Command by Neville” and you'll find it.

The big question is, “Why?” Why does God let bad things happen? Why does God let accidents happen?Why does God let disease happen? Why are loved ones taken from us and mean hateful people allowed to go on living? Why does God let people like Hitler or Bin Laden have power? The top answer is that the devil is testing us or it's a test of faith. Or maybe, what happens is “meant to be.” Ultimately from a stress management point of view, this leaves the person who ascribes to this belief no options. The result is often stress management related illnesses. To help resolve these differences, one can turn to counseling or self help mp3 downloads for a healthier point of view and improve self esteem.

Maybe this can be explaned. Everyone will agree that God knows everything. The challenge is to define “everything.”

Let's look at this from a fundamental point of view. For instance, would God know everything about mathematics? True we know some things about mathematics, but I'm sure we'd agree that God knows a lot more than we do. And if God created everything, then in some respect couldn't we start by saying that God is the Laws of Mathematics--everything there is to ever know about the laws of mathematics. And I'm sure there is at least one mathematician reading this saying, "Finally someone understands what mathematics is all about."

If God knows everything about mathematics, then he would know everything about the Laws of Chemistry too? And how about the laws of physics, biology, and probability? Man's conscious mind may never understand everything there is to know about these laws, but God does, right?

Next question, “How are the laws manifested?” Answer: they are manifested in the rocks, soil, and elements that go to make up everything in the universe.

In college I had a 4.0 average in every class in mathematics I took. Yet, in a chemical engineering--my major--with second order differential equations I got lost. The point is that there are mathematics in chemistry, mathematics in probability, mathematics in chemistry or could we say probability in mathematics, physics in chemistry, biology in chemistry? Get the point? Ultimately the manifestation of these laws (God) has produced all life as we know it today and in the past (as with dinosaurs). Each form of life has it's own intelligence with man as being the highest form of intelligence known to modern man.

God (the laws of mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and probability) created all forms of life and intelligence including amoebas, parasites, worms, insects, monkeys, snakes, fish, birds, and ultimately humans.

God created man in his own image. The laws of physics, probability, mathematics, chemistry, and biology (God) created man. These laws do not care about any of our choices, but they do determine the results of our choices. The result of the baby who leans too far over the edge of the pool in the back yard is determined by God (the laws of physics, mathematics. chemistry, biology, and probability which defines gravity).

Likewise the result of the husband being hit by a drunken driver is determined by God. God does none of this for a reason and it's really up to each person surviving the tragedy to somehow benefit from the tragedy. This also sounds insensitive—profit from disaster?

An example: A woman lost her son to a teen age derelict drunken driver. The woman was full of anger for years and then one day she had a revelation—this derelict with no self esteem never had the opportunities her son had so she adopted him (short version of the true story).

While Neville never defined God as the laws of mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and probability, he reviews scripture in detail and comes to the same conclusion—there is no God who cares although each of us as God do care. Before you jump on my idea being atheistic or sacrilegious, do yourself a favor and read his book which is only about 30 pages and he leaves no stone unturned.

Since God (the laws of mathematics, probability, physics, chemistry, and biology) is in everything then everything is consciousness and connected—even Hitler and Bin Laden to each of us.

From a stress management point of view, the more limited our thinking, such as with Hitler and Bin Laden (the extreme) there is a lot of strife, injustice, and death. Call them killer tornadoes, earth quakes, and tsunamis. The confusion they create, makes life hell for many and building self esteem a real problem.

Man is the manifestation of God. Man is God. God is man and man is his beliefs. Should we be happy with the elimination of people like Hitler and Bin Laden from this world? Answer: Yes, just as we can cuss a storm (God) that kills loved ones, we can cuss Bin Laden and rejoice in the elimination of of him. However, it's his limiting beliefs which are the manifestation of God that has done these deeds. His body was only a receptacle for those limiting beliefs.

How do the laws of mathematics, physics, probability, chemistry, and biology play out when Bin Laden (God) destroys over 3,000 humans (Gods) in the World Trade Center and then is destroyed himself? It's like the end of a horrendous tornado or earth quake, or tsunami. It's the end of a storm of consciousness that stifles human potential. Unfortunately there are other ignorant Gods carrying on Bin Laden's storm of consciousness (his limiting beliefs) yet to be dealt with.

Those like Hitler and Bin Laden have had a macro (large) impact on the potential of human consciousness. On a micro (small) level, everyone who believes that everything that happens for a reason, is declaring their own limitations and subterfuge their building self esteem. Truth is from a stress management point of view, things happen, tornadoes happen, disasters happen, Bin Laden happens as a result of how the laws of mathematics, physics, chemistry, probability, and biology (God) plays out in our daily lives. It's up to each of us to be destroyed or connect with universal intelligence (God) and some how benefit ultimately. Mourning those who suffered from a killer tornado or a Bin Laden happening is a good thing to do just as celebrating the passing of a killer tornado or the happening of a Bin Laden is a good thing to do for those of us who have escaped the personal horrors. Just as tornados harness a tremendous amount of energy, beliefs which subterfuge human potential harness a lot of energy which can likewise be destructive--but its all God and doesn't care whether we prosper or die--of course each of us do care.

Releasing photos of a dead Bin Laden can only spur the emotions of Bin Laden supporters and those who find that sort of thing distasteful. On a personal note, they should never be released without simultaneously releasing twenty photos of mangled body parts from the 911 World Trade Center disaster.

Fortunately there are stress management specialists and self help mp3 downloads can help resolve these confusions in consciousness. The more we know about the laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics, probability, and biology (God) the healthier and more prosperous our lives can be and perhaps one day we can collectively know how to tame killer tornados and with the minimization of ignorance avoid Hitler and Bin Laden types of happenings.

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