Showing Respect For Your Spouse: Demonstrating Respect For Your Husband Or Wife

A successful family is establish on the platform of mutual respect of the husband and wife. No marriage thrive without respect. In this article I shall be pointing us to areas a wife must respect a husband in order to maximize there marriage.

1. Respect his orders and instructions. Never argue with your husband especially in the public, in the presence of your in-laws, his friends and children. It is very wrong to carry out your husbands instruction half-way; respect him fully by total obedience.

2. Respect his personality. Give him a pet name such as "My Lord", Honey, MD 'My Dear', Heritage, My crown, Mine, etc. Stop calling him with your childrens name, this is barbaric and do not accept to call him by name.

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3. Respect his clothes. Treat his clothes well. Never fling them on the floor because you want to wash them. Never scatter your bed or room in the name of arranging his cloth. After washing, arrange them for ironing, arrange the ones that are meant for the wardrobe and hang the rest. And if it is a joint decision by both of you to use launderers, go ahead and be in charge. Take care of his under wears, ties, shoes as well.

4. Respect his family. Acceptance of you by your in-laws especially your mother-in-law, is an insurance on your marriage. Never speak evil of your in-laws, show them due respect, do not join other wives of the family to form caucus, it will back fire. Show them your love; let them know that they are welcome in your home. Not just your own family, accept them as yours.

5. Respect his properties. Never be a destroyer of your husbands properties in the name of anger. Some women react violently at the slightest provocation and must break something in the house. It is ungodly to be in the position of scattering your husbands life. Be a plus to his life by aiming to make him increase on every side, not to set him back.

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First of all I'm very sorry that you're looking for signs of a failing marriage.

It's never fun to be in that position. It's a constant pain in your chest. It crushes you and makes everything that you do seem a little bit less important or fun, even though it's supposed to be.

It gets even worse when there are kids involved. Of course you want the kids to have to deal with as little of your nonsense as possible. And when you can't stop them from having to hear the fighting and arguing or just bickering then it makes you feel even worse and depressed.

You see I know exactly what all of this feels like. I was right there and I hated it. I hated it because I absolutely loved my wife, and wanted things to work out for both us and the kids. But we just couldn't seem to get along and all the signs of failing marriage were there.

So What are the Signs of a Failing Marriage Anyways?

Well first of all let's be blunt. The signs are already there or you wouldn't be reading this. And the variables that dictate whether or not a marriage is going to fail are endless.

The signs of a failing marriage don't really need to be spelled out for you.

Actually there is one sign that dictates that you should get the heck out no matter what. If there's abuse in the relationship then it's time for that relationship to end yesterday. Whether you're being abused or the abuser get out.

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If not...then the things that point to your marriage failing are warning signs, not signs that anything is doomed or over. Believe me I fixed my marriage when it seemed like it was beyond repair, and I actually was the only person who was in it to win it there for a while. I began to repair my marriage basically all by myself, without my wife even knowing it. Ha! Showed her! LOL

If you're arguing all of the time, then it's time to recognize that you have a communication problem (duh) and that you need to figure out a more effective way to get your points across, and to accept the points of your spouse. It's not easy, it's learned.

If you're not talking at all, then again , you have a communication breakdown, and you have to figure out why there's such anger and resentment. You have to figure out how to effectively get your feelings to your spouse without sparking a huge fight. It's not easy, it's learned.

If you're cheating, or suspect that your spouse is cheating well there's a lot of work to do to save your marriage. Trust is broken, and needs, desires, and wants aren't being fulfilled. But there's a reason and a how to fix that. It's not easy, but it can be learned.

So there are some signs that your marriage has the potential to fail if you don't get to work and do something about it. The only thing that's really not repairable is abuse. Otherwise it's up to you how important revival it is.

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If you are a couple who has a problem with your marriage, then you are like so many of the other millions of people around the world experiencing the same problem. However, your marriage doesn't have to become just another statistic and end in divorce. You can do something about it starting today and get your marriage back on track to where it was before. This article will give you some helpful ideas on what you can begin doing to restore your marriage and bring that old spark back.

1. Communication is Key

It's the number 1 golden rule. If you aren't communicating properly with your spouse, then you have a major problem. Most marriages end, at least in part, to lack of communication or improper communication. What I mean is that communication involved both people actively listening and speaking. Being a good listener means truly listening to what your partner has to say, not simply waiting for your turn to speak. Talking means thoughtfully expressing what you have to say without offending the other person.

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2. Start Being More Intimate

Intimacy is another strong ingredient in the recipe to save your marriage. This means allowing yourself to become physically and emotionally close to your partner, which may be especially difficult if they have hurt you in the past, but it must be done for the sake of your marriage.

3. Try New Things Together

Start taking up a new hobby and sharing it with your partner. Often times in marriages things start to get boring or lose their flare, so keep it alive by always trying out new things and being adventurous, whatever that means for you. Just remember, part of marriage is having fun together and being playful. Your partner should be like your best friend, so get out there and try doing some new and exciting things today.

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There is a warning that I find so strong in the Bible concerning wives. It is the warning by apostle Paul to the Colossian brethren: "Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands as unto the Lord" (Colossians 3:18). The Bible made it very clear that the duty of wives among other things consists in this, to be obedient to their husbands. A wife cannot be disobedient to her husband without also offending God, who is the author of this subjection.

It has been noted that while Christianity designed to elevate the character of the wife, and to make her a fit companion of an intelligent and pious husband, it did not intend to destroy all subordination and authority. The man is evidently designed to be at the head of the little community that constitutes a family. A woman can be a man's equal in many other things; in loveliness, grace, beauty, tenderness, and gentleness, she is far his superior.

The Almighty God arranged the order of every family that there should always be a head. He wanted someone who is to be looked up to as the counselor and the ruler of the home; someone to whom all members of the family should be subordinate. God has given that prerogative to man; and no family prospers where that arrangement is violated. Within proper metes and limits, it is the duty of the wife to obey, or to submit herself to her husband, and not to deny him.

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In the matters of domestic arrangements, the husband is to be regarded as the head of the family; and he has a right to direct as to the style of living, the expenses of the family, the clothing, etc. He provides the platform as regards the laws which are to regulate the family. It is his duty to say what is to be done; in what way the children are to employ themselves, and to give directions in regard to their education, etc. Also, in business matters, the wife is to submit to the husband. She may counsel with him, if he chooses; but the affairs of business and property are under his control, and must be left at his disposal. Apart from issues relating to conscience and religion, the man has authority in every matters of the family. This authority though, has a limit. The man has no right to require his wife to commit an act of dishonesty, to connive at wrong-doing, to visit a place of amusement which her conscience tells her is wrong, nor has he a right to interfere with the proper discharge of her religious duties. He has no right to forbid her to go to Church at the proper and usual time, or to make a profession of religion when she pleases. He has no right to forbid her endeavouring to exercise a religious influence over her children, or to endeavour to lead them to God. She is bound to obey God, rather than any man.

The thing that makes all the difference in the world is letting God have His way in every situation. The Spirit of God is able to do great and more things in any family that yields to Him, than we ourselves can do. When God pours out a time of refreshing in a family, little or nothing happens in the negative. God made the family and only Him knows how to work with it, and He can use whosoever He chooses to make a difference - the husband, the wife or the children. Without God's presence and anointing, the family, no matter who heads it, would be a mere house, not a home. It is God that makes all the difference! It is wonderful when the glory of God comes down and the goodness of God overshadows. You cannot wait to get back! God loves His people, and He feeds them on heavenly manna. When a family is truly fed by God, issues of denial would be things of the past. When the woman of the house truly hears the voice of the shepherd of the home, recognizes it and obeys Him, she can never be a wanderer in life.

Denials in the home come as result of ignorance of God's word. It is my prayer that every woman will wake up this moment to the truth of God's word and enlist to do His command. As you rise to take up your place of honour as a woman, wife and mother in the home, I declare that anything that comes to dim your vision of Christ, or takes away your taste for Bible study, or cramps your prayer life, or makes your Christian work difficult be dismantled this very moment in Jesus' name! Amen.

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