Sick of My Husband: Sick of My Husband Blaming Me for Everything

I often hear people complaining about their marriage life is boring and dull. Many people say that they are feeling out of love with their spouse. Most of them do not want to end the marriage in divorce as they love their family, but then again when the love feeling is not there, it is difficult to stay happy in the marriage. Here are some marriage tips and advice on three MUST Things to do if you're falling out of love.

Communicate about your feelings and worries
Express your own feelings with honesty and try to find a right time to speak to your spouse about this problem. Your husband or wife will not understand how you are feeling if you decide to hide this unhealed emotional pain. Be willing to discuss your problem with your spouse and take responsibility to work together on getting back in love.

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Date your spouse and spend more quality time
It is possible that both of you focus more on the kids, household, work, etc after married. Many people wrongly believe that no more effort is required on the spouse, especially when there are kids around. In order to make yourself feel loved again, both of you should agree to set aside some quality time to spend together. You can arrange to go back to places where both of you have fond memories, watch movie together or even arrange to go on a second honeymoon.

See his good points
Think back on the things that made you fall in love with your spouse in the first place. Remember how the way it was that made you married your spouse. It could be there are certain things no longer there because either of you have changed. Encourage your spouse to change his or her behaviour, but you must also be patient and willing to change yours as well.

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How can I make my husband more attracted to me? This is the most common question asked by wives. What makes the husband attracted to his wife? The first thing that you should know is your husband's affection towards you is not only because of your looks. Of course, looks and physical appearance do play an important role, but it is not the only thing that matters. Contrary to popular belief, a majority of husbands are attracted to their wives because they make them feel good about themselves.

You may think that this is silly or over simplified, but this is really a very important concept. Men are more attracted to those women who make them feel they are funny, smart, powerful, successful, attractive and competent. Men become more attracted to women that they assume will make their situations and lives better. They are more likely to be attracted to a happy, light hearted and confident woman that can bring happiness into their lives.

If all you do is talk about or bring up everyday worries, problems, issues of life, and the negative implications brought on by these things, it will seriously impact your husband's feelings about you. Many women worry or wonder why their husbands aren't coming to them, why he doesn't act like he's attracted to them anymore and also wonder what is at the heart of what seems like a loss of affection and attention from him. And, 9 times out of 10, this assumption is at the core of it all, your husbands assumptions that everything is always negative with you..

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When I say this, many of you may be wondering, are you supposed to put on some kind of show, that everything is alright when it's not? Not at all, but more than likely your husband knows about all pressing matters, has enough concern on his plate and more than aware of other negative things within your lives. But, at the end of the day your husband is looking forward to time with you, it should be one of his most positive lights within his life. One to help lift his spirits back up when things get bad, not add to it constantly. Do your best to help him see the silver lining in all aspects of life or even if things are really bad, help to keep him positive by you being positive.

Another thing that comes up is whether or not you should alter your appearance. In some cases, this can help, but is sometimes viewed as a shallow approach to gaining your husbands favor. Your husband married you for who you were at the time, and was obviously more than happy to do so. But, over time many things can change, including your appearance.

This can range from extreme weight gain, aging, or changes brought about by a birth of a child etc.. But, altering your appearance to reignite the flame between the both of you should be a last or drastic measure. A decision that should be carefully considered and reserved only as a final attempt and only after you've improved the other areas in your relationship. Because, if you don't get the other parts right, then the effects of altering your appearance will be short lived, as other parts of the marriage are still the predominant problem.

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Every marriage has its own problems, but when you think that your husband doesn't feel the same feelings towards you anymore, you start looking for ways on how to make your husband want you again.

To make your husband want you, you must understand and play for a very important rule in human psychology - people want what they can't have. Unfortunately, the mere feeling of being in a marriage makes most men feel that their wives are forever theirs anyway - that their wives are "easy to have"; and in their subconscious, this makes them be less attracted to their wives.

If you wonder about methods on how to make your husband want you again; you have to act in such a way that you husband will no longer believe that you're a piece of cake to have - this is the defining point of love. You have to play "hard to get", so that your husband will realize that you aren't forever their property just because you have signed the marriage papers.

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Unfortunately, most women can't understand this and to please their husbands more (and make a husband fall in love again) they just serve him to the point of being a servant. Other women beg their spouses. Both of those are very dangerous and makes your husband love you less than even now, because it marks you as "easy to have".

You have to turn the tables on your spouse and realize that this is not the case. To make your husband want you again, you must be harder to get - do not forget that the harder something is to get, the more men want it.

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You have been noticing significant deterioration of your marital relationship in the last few months and you are expecting a divorce notice any day. The situation is doubly tragic, if you are still in love with your spouse and would love to be given a second chance.

How do you save your marriage when your spouse has almost decided to call it quits? Though the normal tendency is to breakdown, throw tantrums, beg or plead with your spouse not to leave you, but all these can not save the marriage. On the contrary it would ruin your chances of getting back your spouse and jeopardize your efforts to put the marriage back on tracks.

So what should you do to save the marriage, when your spouse calls it quits? As strange as it may sound - just keep mum. It is difficult to keep quite and be a listener during these traumatic times, but this is exactly what you need to do, if you want to hear out your spouse, listen to his or her grievances and be supportive of the decision to quit.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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The last thing you should do to save the marriage is to justify your actions or inactions as the case may be. Your silence can open up fresh avenues for reconciliation, if there are chances of that at all. Remember the mute has no enemy. Even if your marriage cannot be saved though you remained silent throughout the process of mud slinging, at least you are saved from being a partner for instigating a divorce. Things have to calm down after some time when your spouse is likely to see reason. If he or she truly loved you, they would see enough reasons to stick with you instead of moving on. Just keep quiet and listen. This can actually go a long way to save your marriage.

The only thing your spouse is expecting from you when he or she announces the decision to separate is that you would go out of your way to plead and beg. On the contrary, when you support the decision to split, they are completely taken aback. They start wondering about various possibilities. Was divorce always in your mind? Is there someone hiding in the background? Several thoughts like these plague the mind and these could be strong enough to change his or her mind. Silence is a powerful tool to save your marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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