The idea of a perfect relationship is both flawed and rare. Not all relationship is perfect, when two sides of a relationship commits mistakes and produces problems. There are several boyfriends who would cheat on their girlfriends in a relationship. Some of these boyfriends may be acting too obvious about their cheating ways and some may be too good to clean up their act. It is important for women to know these signs of a cheating boyfriend, to have them become aware of the current situation they are involved with.

Extensive Stories

One of the cues to look for in an unfaithful boyfriend is untruthfulness. A cheater would be telling all these lies in order not to get caught. Unfaithful boyfriends are going to construct extensive and complex tales. The reason for these long and complicated stories is to seem legitimate; the more detailed the story, the more chance to being real. If your boyfriend starts to tell these long complicated stories, be on guard.

Evident Lies

Some men are more deceitful than others. While some men are very good in hiding such lies, others are not, making their lies very noticeable. If you think your boyfriend is lying, name him on them; he may plead guilty to his wrongful acts.

Unusual Smell

How does your boyfriend’s jacket smell when he was thought to be on a smoke-free restaurant? Was he supposed to be out with the guys, but comes in smelling like female perfume? If you note awkward smells, your boyfriend may be cheating on you.

Changed Attitudes

Cheaters will often change their attitudes on things. Their mindset changes due to the stress they have to deal with on having an affair. If there would be a noticeable change in attitude of your boyfriend, pay attention. This sign is a good indicator of a cheating boyfriend but it’s not a definite proof.

Alteration In Behavior

Change in behavior is most likely in cheaters. If your boyfriend starts going to places at new or awkward times, take note. Loss of sexual attractiveness to you may also be most likely on cheaters. This sign is a good indicator of a cheating boyfriend but its not hard evidence which proves of him being a cheater.

It is necessary for women to recognize that they can’t just name their boyfriends as cheaters. A hard evidence is required I order to prove that our boyfriend really is cheating on you. These signs will help women understand the flow of the current relationship they are in, whether there is a need to worry or not. If these signs are noticeable among your boyfriends, be more on alert.

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