Signs Of Reconciliation After Separation: How Will My Husband Act If He Wants To Reconcile

No matter how well you know your husband, things may and do happen in his life, which can alter his attitude towards you and the home as well. But if such changed behaviors continue for a period of time, you may have cause for concern.

You too could be going through such a phase of uncertainty, where you have started to have serious doubts about your husband's feelings towards you. How can you know if your husband truly loves you or not? There are two immediate options in front of you: you can leave it to time to take its own course or take matters in your own hands and prove deeper to seek the truth.

When you leave it to time to know if your husband truly loves you, you are unnecessarily encouraging your imagination to run wild. This can lead you to various types of illogical and baseless conclusions about your husband and his intentions. Such types of guess work only worsen the situation and precipitate a crisis situation in the marriage. In stead, why not probe deeper and know if your husband truly loves you once and for all? This is a far better and safer option both in the short and long term.

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Here are some ways to find out what is in your husband's mind:

• It is perfectly possible that he has other important issues in his mind. This includes problems at work, job-related stresses, debt crisis, financial trouble or even his health could be in jeopardy. Therefore to be sure, you need to come to the right conclusion by a process of elimination. Go deeper into all the aspects of his life and find out what exactly he is going through.

• A very common reason why husbands sometimes look distant is because they are disturbed or disappointed about some aspect of the household or the wife. Think deeper and check out whether there have been any instances where he has felt hurt, insulted or angry because of something you did or said.

• To know if your husband truly loves you compare the quantity and quality of time that he spends with you now to earlier times in your marriage. If you find that there is a gradual deterioration, you have cause for concern.

The good thing about most men is that they can not normally hold back a negative feeling for too long. They would vent it out sooner than later. So, as long as your husband does not express his disappointment about you or anything else at home, you can be sure that his lack of attention could be a temporary phase which will pass soon.

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Has your marriage become draining and without finding help in marriage you fear that divorce is on the horizon? Sometimes you might feel as though your marriage is in the midst of a terrible storm with no relief in sight. The one thing that you can't do is give up.

I recently watched on the news a story about some fishermen whose boat ran into a terrible storm and their boat capsized very quickly. It's hard to believe that some of the men swam 8 to 16 hours to survive the ordeal. Many of the men felt like giving up but determined that living was better than dying in the middle of the ocean. Unfortunately some of the fishermen gave up and didn't make it. Don't let your marriage die.

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Help In Marriage Tip #1 - Develop Some Thick Skin

One trait that most of us have is that we can dish it out but we don't like to take it. Somehow we miss the times when we are rude, annoying, arrogant, irritating and down right offensive. Very often we only see that out spouse has done something that we can't stand and it irks us to no end. Perhaps you are one of those spouses who easily gets upset at something your spouse said or did to you. My suggestion is that you learn how to brush these things off and move forward. If you don't, your marriage will forever be stuck in a rut.

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Help In Marriage Tip #2 - Learn How To Please Your Spouse

Do you feel as though you know your spouse's likes and dislikes? Might I ask, when was the last time that you checked? It is quite possible that what use to make your spouse happy, no longer does. Marriage can become mundane and boring when couples stop asking questions and stop trying to find new ways to make their soul mate feel appreciated and loved. Please take a little time and find out if your spouse has changed and adjust what you do or how you interact with him or her accordingly.

Help In Marriage Tip #3 - Let Problems Of The Past Remain There

It is very common for couples to bring up old issues when dealing with a current marital issue. The natural behavior when fighting is to use every weapon that you have at your disposal to win the fight. However, in a marriage it's important to remember that your spouse is not your enemy. You are on the same team and need to always remember that your goal should be to fight to keep your marriage and not end it. If you continuously bring up the past it will limit your ability to see a bright future together.

Help In Marriage Tip #4 - Never Stop The Intimacy In Your Marriage

I'm pretty certain that one of the things that got you and your spouse together was the physical attraction you had toward one another. I don't mean to be insulting but if I had to place a wager I would bet that your sex life was better in the beginning of your marriage than it is now. You have it within your power to fix this. Sometimes, couples use there problems as an excuse to no longer be intimate or at least passionate about intimacy. Sharing time alone i.e., talking, caressing and doing whatever you like to do, will go a long way in helping your marriage make it through the rough times. Don't take a timeout from intimacy.

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Emotional affairs signs are not only subtle and very hard to detect, but it can also be misinterpreted as having a platonic friendship. This is the reason why women should be familiar with the different signs to be able to know as early as possible if their husband is having an emotional affair.

It is said that emotional cheating is as, if not more, devastating as a physical affair. But some say that it is not harmful and it should not be considered cheating because there is no sex involved. Men even claim it as an innocent friendship because of the absence of physical intimacy.

Most emotional affairs happen in the office because this is where men spend 40 or more hours in a week. In fact, he even spends more time with his colleagues than his wife. Another reason why this type of affair is common in the workplace is that they are forced to interact with each other as office mates and coworkers. It is very likely that they will develop a relationship that is inappropriate.

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Below are the most common emotional affairs signs that you should look out for:

• Your husband becomes defensive when you ask him about a certain female friend. He does not want you to keep on asking about her and he easily gets irritated. You will also notice that he will attempt to change the topic immediately.

• Your husband has become very secretive and starts demanding privacy. He creates passwords and other security features on his cell phone and laptop. He does not want you to read his emails and text messages and he immediately deletes most of it. He also does not want you prying over his personal belongings.

• Your husband is now very conscious on his appearance which is weird because he is not like that before. He always wants to look good and smell nice every time he goes out. You will notice that he is like going out on a date every day.

• He is now always out and seems to be very excited about it. His common alibis are business meeting, conferences, or other work-related reasons. Sudden change of routines is one of the most common emotional affairs signs.

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