Often time’s people try to lose weight by using harsh diets or extreme exercise regimes. This may work for a while, but most people eventually just go back to the diet they were used to and stop exercising.

But there are some simple tricks that can help you effortlessly lose weight.

Halve your meals

One of the simplest ways to losing weight for good is to halve your meals. Instead of eating two sandwiches eat one. Instead of eating five eggs eat just two or three. This way you will gradually lose weight. You will never feel hungry as our brain registers that we are full 15 minutes after we finished eating. If you need to lose weight, you are surely eating much more food that you need.

Never be completely full

Another good trick is to always be slightly hungry. Never eat so much that after you ate you feel you need to rest. Food should empower you and give you energy, not take it away.

Eat food that helps weight loss

Eating the foods that promote weight loss will not just give you more energy but also help you lose more weight. The foods I am talking about are cucumbers, black rice with black beans, tuna salad, carrots, apples and many more.

Some of these foods, like the cucumber, take more energy to digest than they give with their nutritional value. Others, like tuna salad, are filled with enough protein to feed your muscles, but they lack the fat most other meats have.

Drink a glass of water before each meal

Simply drinking a glass of water before every meal will slightly fill up your stomach and will help you feel full. As a result you will need to eat less food, and in turn you will lose weight faster.

Never eat in front of a computer or TV

When we eat in front of a computer or while watching a show on TV, we can’t tell how much we have eaten and our brain seems to forget to tell us we are full. To avoid this, simply eat before you start watching TV. Or, if you absolutely must eat in front of your notepad or you’re TV, put as much food as you need to eat on the plate, and when you are done eating, don’t go for seconds. Give your brain time to realize the body has had enough food for the time being.

Listen to Subliminal Recordings

Subliminal recordings can work just like eating in front of the TV can, but they give exactly the opposite results. Subliminal messages are the ones you unconsciously receive because they are just outside your perception. But the unconscious does understand them.

So, the trick is to listen to subliminal recordings that give our unconscious positive affirmations like “I am consistently loosing weight” “I enjoy both eating healthy food and exercising regularly”.

These messages, given enough time, will engrain into your mind and before you know it those will be your default thoughts whenever you think of healthy foods, losing weight and exercising.

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