There are many reasons why it is bad for your carpet to be wet. Water can permanently damage the quality of your carpet and sopping wet carpet can be the breeding ground for mold that is harmful to both your home and your health.

If a leak or water damage occurs in your home, you will want to dry the impacted carpet as quickly as possible. It usually takes 48 hours or more before any significant damage occurs. Once 48 hours has elapsed, you run the risk of several major issues, including possible deterioration of your homes floor boards and foundation.

There are many ways you can go about drying the carpet manually after cleaning, but most importantly, you will want to act fast and determine the severity of the issue right away.

You will want to walk around the carpet with bare feet to get a sense of just how wet the carpet really is. If the carpet doesn’t seem particularly wet or if the water is mostly just resting on the surface of the carpet, you can solve the problem with a wet-dry vacuum or by calling a professional carpet cleaner to extract the water. However, do not attempt to “suck up” the water using a traditional vacuum cleaner as most household vacuums aren’t designed for water removal.

Wet-dry vacuums can be purchased at your local hardware store and are sometimes available for rent. If when walking on the floor in your bare feet you hear “squishy” sounds, it likely means that the water has permeated into the carpet pad beneath the fibers. In order to dry out water beneath the carpet fiber, you will need to lift a corner or portion of the carpet and expose the pad.

If there is only a minimal amount of water on the pad, it can be dried by running a fan directly over the wet spots or by attaching a vacuum hose to the exhaust of your vacuum cleaner and blowing warm air beneath the carpet. To We also recommend turning on your heat and running a dehumidifier near the moist areas of the carpet pad. You will also want to smell for mildew or a musty scent. If you notice the smell of mildew, you will likely want to replace the carpet pad.

If there is a lot of water in the pad, you can attempt to dry it out with the methods above, but more than likely you will want to remove both the pad and the carpet fiber to see if the floor beneath is impacted. You want your floor to dry as fast as possible as wet flooring can often cause buckling.

The only thing worse than wet carpet is dirty wet carpet. Water that contains dirt and contaminants can significantly damage your carpet if the soil and dirt dries in the fibers. If you notice the water is dirty, be sure to call professional carpet cleaner immediately as it is much easier to remove the dirt while it is still wet.

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