Love is in the air. Or so we hope, especially for this single mom. This season, fall in love. Where is the best place? That's the question, I've asked myself over and over again. Where do people go to find love?

If you don't meet men through your friends or work, where do you meet them? I've even heard you can meet someone at the grocery store. The last few times I've been grocery shopping I've looked like a shlumpadinka (where you look like you just rolled out of bed). I've seen hot, no ring wearing men both times, so I told myself I'm at least going to look somewhat presentable even going to pick up milk. I don't want to find him and then feel so uncomfortable looking like a shlumpa that I don't take advantage and talk to him. Needless to say, I haven't found him at the store either.

When I became a single mom, I thought that finding love would be even more difficult. I wasn't able to find it before when I wasn't a mom, what makes me think I will find it now that I also have a child?

The funny thing is 67% of men are willing to date a single mom. Sixty-seven percent?? Wow! Now I know I'm going to find love THIS year! Yep, I'm putting that out there! If you don't put it out there and make yourself available, then it's not going to happen. So where do I go to do it? Isn't that the million dollar question?!

In asking the question, "Where do you find love," surprisingly I found the same answer again and again. My sister knows four people who found love here. My friends have friends who found it at the same place. If all of these people are able to find love here, then it's definitely worth trying… I know, I know. Online dating? Really, Jessica? Yes, really.

Online dating. It's not what it used to be. The stigma has been erased. People aren't thinking you're weird to date online. As single parents, we don't have the same time we did when we were single without kids. Let's be honest, we want things to be fast and easy. What could be better or easier than to look online, when you have the time, in your own way, and when it's convenient for you?

You can email who you want, when you want, without any pressure. It's on your own terms. And as single parents, isn't that what we need? Dating on our own terms. YYYAAYYY!

And the best part? You have two times the dating success than not dating online. Two times…Think about that. Double the chances. You MUST like those odds! You know what's even better than that? You can email people in your pj's without doing your hair or makeup to find out if he's even a match for you.

And what you're currently doing (or not doing) isn't working for you. Put yourself out there and be open. Whether it's online or in person, you never know where you'll find him. So get out there. Take a chance. Take a leap. Find love. Your true love is waiting to meet you! Now if it was only that easy to write your profile….hmmmm, where to start???

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