We've all done it… then something happens, and we think "Why didn't I listen to that voice?" We think this, because the voice could have (and should have) prevented a bad result from occurring.

I have always carried my cell phone in my purse. The last couple of days, I've been carrying it in my pockets. Then it has fallen out twice, and I've thought both times, how I need to carry it in my purse again…not even knowing why I decided to put it in my pockets.

I pull my phone from my pocket to put it in my purse, and it drops from my pocket and the screen shatters. Now, I'm not happy, to say the least. A phone I've had for only two months now has a completely shattered screen. And yes, I'm one of those people who decided to not carry insurance on it. I call my cell phone provider asking if I had insurance what the cost to fix it would be. The agent tells me they don't fix screen but would just provide me with a new (refurbished) phone for about $150 or $200. I tell him I'm confused. Why does a person pay $14/mth for insurance if they will have to pay that much for a replacement? He said so you aren't paying $450-$500 for a new phone.That's a good point, especially if you are like me and have it only two months after you bought the original.

I still can't believe they charge that much for a phone when you are paying a monthly insurance fee. Whatever happened to not needing insurance, because their products are reliable for the length of time until your contract expires?

I certainly don't want to pay $500 for a phone that I just got for a heck-of-a-lot-less than that. So maybe I'll just live with the cracked screen. I've seen so many people with cracked screens, so I guess it's pretty common. More importantly, that little voice is there…why do I choose to ignore it? It shouldn't take multiple times for me to finally listen. Something like that happens when I don't…I should know that by now.

The good news is it could have been so much worse. That inner voice inside of you speaks. You hear it but choose to do nothing. It speaks louder, and you still ignore it. Then what happens? It smacks you in the face. Then, Yes, YES, YES, you're finally listening….because you have no choice but to listen. Why does it take us so long to listen to it?

As a mom, I've gotten better at listening to it. It's often called a mother's intuition. We'll fight tooth and nail to listen to it when it comes to our kids. Yet when it's saying something relative to us, we are prone to ignore it, think nothing will happen, or listen but not take action. When this voice speaks about us, it's just as important as when it speaks about our kids. So let's become better listeners when it pertains to ourselves.

It's called self-care. WOOOOAAAHHH. I know as a mom, especially a single mom, that concept is foreign to you, but listening to your instincts is part of taking care of yourself. When you need a breather, break, or timeout, take it. It's your body talking to you. It's your intuition saying take a moment or you may have a meltdown, breakdown, or breakout. It's preventing any of those and so much more!

Maybe that voice is talking to you when you're driving telling you to go another way to work or when you're entering a store saying don't go in. Who knows what that voice could actually be preventing…but listen to it. It's there for a reason. I know with my little voice, I don't want to find out what happens when I choose to ignore it….I never like the results.

What has listening to your little voice prevented? Listen more to that inner voice and you'll also find an inner peace.

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