Everything starts with an idea. An idea, that came in one’s mind. And a lot of works being done to transform an idea into action. This results in great things happen in the world.

Technologies, high buildings, moving vehicles all are because of the idea in minds. On the other hand, Nuclear bombs, national boundaries, missiles, a war are also from the minds. Though the mind is powerful, still it needs to be shaped well. The mind thinks in the way based on what we want to think.

If you keep filling positive stuff in it, the mind thinks in that manner. All the development are done due to this stuff. When minds are filled with the negativity, incompetence, there will be destruction only.

Hence, you better to decide in which way you want your mind to think. If you want an impactful life, fill your minds with the all positive reminders. You just don’t have to be a slave of your mind and shape it well. Develop a mindsets in such a manner so that it will think as a productive way for you and for the world.

Feed your mind with Positivity
If you want to deliver some positivity impact in life, then first you have to fill your mind with positive things. You must develop a mindset to think positive in every negative situation. And that’s possible, due to be with the Good books, a Mentor & self-discipline.

These things prepare the mind to think positive and never let you think negatively, instead making a slave of mind. Let go things which shows you a negative picture and keep you busy in overthinking.

Have wasted so much time, But Not now
Time is very precious things, and in a short supply, too. Don’t waste time on the thing which is not making any advancement to your life. Your mind keeps you busy in just thinking by showing just imagination. But better not to be a slave what it shows, you require to start the work.

Work on it and fails, is far better than just leave the project about imagined failures. At least you will have a reason, why you failed.

Control over your Bad habits
You have to understand that you have certain habits which you need to change. Why, because that habits impacting your life adversely. Know that you have that certain ambitions in mind and this habit will let you away from achieving that.

Develop good habits to keep you busy in productive way. Hence, remind yourself, you'll no longer be slave of those thoughts and will control the bad habits and whatever the negative a mind shows you.

Schedule your whole day
We often find our self confused & lost when we are not clear about what exactly we want to do. To be on the right track, we need to list out what are the activities to be done today. Once we have clear in our requirements, automatically our mindset will react the same. Because now it's clear what to do & when to do.

Redesign your mindsets & Lifestyle
We all are part of the environment. And every one of us is gifted with a unique nature. We become the one, we are habitual to. In order to build a life of our wish, there is a need for making some changes in our lifestyle.

We have to shape ourselves, our nature, our behavior...so that it becomes routine. Agree there is somethings wrong with the world, but don't bother about that focus on yourself.

Spending quality with the family
May it is a bad day at your work, and you still have that negative thing in mind when reaching home. It’s not good that your family feels the same as you feel at your work. Keep your work & family separated. Don’t mix it up.

When there is work, there is work. And make some time to relax with the family, because at the end your family is the only important thing in life.

Don’t lose your Identity
We are living in a world where everybody wants to change you as they want. At some time even your minds give you an idea of accepting their desires. Their words force you to take a change in your personality.

But instead become a slave of the other’s minds as well, you need to keep your identity and only take a change when you need to change.

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Ketan, a 20s guy a Life blogger at Monk at 25. Writing mostly about life learning, career, Relationship also sharing own experiences. Aim to deliver positive daily reminders and messages that inspire and motivate readers in life.