I read a quote that stated, "Social Media does not destroy relationships. It is when you act single on social media that destroys the relationship." I have to agree with this quote. Social media is a great platform for networking and getting to know new and different people; however, when you pay too much attention to or take an interest in someone on social media and you are currently in a relationship, this is where the problem begins.

Most times, you post a picture or status and someone you never expected to like this picture or status, actually liked it. You have had your eyes on this person for a while. This has now excited you in all sorts of ways and you have forgotten all about the relationship you are currently in. You take your chances and send this person a message in their inbox and now they have responded to you. You can say in your mind that this is "just a facebook friend" if you like; but you know in your heart you are looking for something more from this person. This is total disrespect of your current relationship.

When one is truly happy and at peace in their relationship, they have no reason to look for anyone else on social media, no matter how attractive the person seems to them. It doesn't matter to them who has liked a picture or status on facebook. In their heart, they have found the one that makes their soul happy, and others who are liking their pictures or statuses, is very honest in nature to them. Even if others take an interest in them on social media, they will not respond, and if they do respond they will respectfully inform these people that they are in a relationship. They do not spend large amounts of time on social media because they would rather spend this time with you. Your partner will also never keep secrets from you on their social media and will freely answer any questions you may have when they are happy and at peace in the relationship.

If you are not happy in your relationship, either fix the problems within it or leave it altogether; but do not utilize social media to disrespect your partner. When you engage in behavior on social media that makes it appear as if you are single, this results in trust issues in your partner and you have only yourself to blame. If you want to be single, then do so. Do not bring other people's feelings into your indecisive life. What goes around comes right back around to you. What you put out in life, you get back. And as your scriptures so wonderfully states it, "Whatsoever Ye So Soweth, That Shall Ye Also Reap."

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Monica Mi'Chelle, PhD is a Spiritual Advisor and Writer.