Small dogs are good for a number of reasons. Unlike medium and large dogs, you do not have to worry about living in a small apartment or not being able to handle one as you get older. Too many dogs give up because their owner got older and could no longer take care of a larger dog. They are much easier to feed, and some you can even train in using a waste bin. They are good companions because they can sit next to you or in your lap.

There are three different types of small purebred dogs. You have your regular little dogs like beagles, terriers and dachshunds. These are the largest of the small breeds. There are also toy and miniature dogs, Yorkshire terriers, Pomeranians and pugs are some examples. All of these breeds are good companions and they can travel well with small toy dogs that can fit in a large handbag. Toy dogs tend to shed less and can be picked up when you need to move faster.

Among the ten most popular small dog breeds are the Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshunds and Poodle, just to name a few. The Miniature Schnauzer comes in tenth, but is still a great dog. They want to be part of the family and included in everything they do. They are a great watchdog in the sense that they can warn you of danger, like someone trying to break into your home, but they can not do much else. Some are more aggressive than others and will try to bite a stranger who comes close to their owner. Pomeranian, Chihuahuas and Boston terriers are some that try to bite.

If you want to own a small dog, there are some things you need to take care of. One is that many of these breeds have dental problems later in life, gingivitis, tooth decay and a tendency to underbite. You will need to keep a close eye on this and talk to your veterinarian for advice on how to prevent it. You may need to brush your teeth or give them some other food. If you get a long-haired dog, care for it at least once a day to prevent knots and matte. You can keep the dog's coat short if you live in warmer areas. In winter, you also need to be careful because smaller dogs can catch a cold and have upper respiratory problems if they are too long in the elements. They are more fragile, so you need to be careful not to hurt them or leave them around large dogs as they have a bad habit of being boss.

You can find out more information about smaller breed dogs on many sites. Smaller dogs seem to be more popular than their larger brothers and are not always available at animal shelters and dog adoption agencies. You can find local pet stores and dog breeders in your area online. There are also many different tips on how to take care of them and what kind of special care some need.

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They are more fragile, so you need to be careful not to hurt them or leave them around large dogs as they have a bad habit of being boss.