Most of us love to go out and buy ourselves clothes, shoes, bags, accessories or whatever we like. It is a pleasant activity, to be sure, but expensive. Sometimes we look for reasons to indulge in a little retail therapy. And very often we come out with things that we don't really need, or worse, that look horrible the next day. So you wonder what made you think it looked good! Maybe a friend encouraged you to buy it? Maybe he got it at a bargain price. Whatever the reason, it's time to be sensible about what you end up buying and why.

Before you go out the next time you visit a mall, think about these things:

• Take a little tour of your wardrobe; reacquaint yourself with what you have.

• Now make a list of what you need. If you are on a budget, keep the list to the essentials.

• If you are the type of person who is on the lookout for bargains or sales, plan where you should go with your list to get the most for your money.

• Speaking of money, it would be helpful to keep in mind that it is your hard-earned money and wasting it on frivolity would not be the best way to spend it.

• Still on the subject of money, make an approximate budget of what you want to spend and withdraw that amount. It is better to pay in cash than by card. Plastic money can make you lose track of your expenses. It goes without saying that the killer interest rates charged by credit card companies too.

• If you plan to buy clothes online, a smart way to do it is to check out your favorite brands. If there is something you are interested in, try it on at a store near you to see if it fits you before ordering it online.

• However, if you head to the store, be sure to check the back of the store, you may be in for a surprise. Something that you have previously been looking at being displayed in the front of the store may be marked with an incredible discount there.

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With the convenience of the Internet, more people are starting to buy things online.