Each part of our brain is built for particular type of memory storage. The correct working of brain is proved by the activities like recognition of faces, remembering birthdates and many other daily life activities. Fresh and healthy mind never miss these types of daily life occurrences, if such things starts happing with any person means there is something wrong with the health of mind. If someone desires to formulate a way of eliminating abnormal mind happening, he/she should have to start doing exercises which are specially designed to improve the health of a brain. You definitely find yourself once in week searching your car keys and after searching everywhere in the house you came to know they were in your main drawer. Such moments makes you laugh but sometimes you start thinking seriously about your weak mind remembering power. And if you are thinking in this direction then according to me it’s not wrong, you must be careful about the health of your mind. It’s a main part of your body and requires special care.

There are various exercises which are designed specially to deal with weak memories. Augmenting brain power is not a tuff task with these exercise anybody can bring the natural power of brain back, a great thing about these exercises is that there effects long term.

Now it’s a time to move towards the answer of “how” which is continuously clicking in your mind. Three factors are strongly attached with augmenting brain power exercises; location, imagination as well as association. There is an old day’s practice of attaching some stings with the thing you want to remember that sting will not let you forget the things. For some I know this seems to be a funny but the main logic behind the built of this practice is sound. Basically placing an object near you after attaching any routine work with it force you remember it till you do that. Placing an object is to ‘shock’ memory in similar way as tying a thread around practicing person’s finger which keeps him/her from forgetting about the things desired to be remembered. A string in this particular case is used as an instance. It doesn’t matter what selected visual reminder or object is except their purpose of use. Changing of ring hand can also serve as a trick of remembering anything.

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