After a that time you buried your beloved husband, you will be called now as newly widowed. But faith will tell you that you would get through it. And here are the 8 things you have to bear in mind not to forget: 1. Do not forget to take good care of yourself-- wash your face, comb your hair, brush your teeth and while you’re at it, try painting your lips with a tint of rosy red. I know it may sounds so easy and like just a daily routine, but for a newly widowed like you, life is a challenge, albeit temporarily, of course.

2. Try not to forget to remember to feed your kids, even if it is just milk and cold cereal for dinner. Hold them or hug them. Tuck them in at night and assure them that everything would be all right. Say the words, “I love you” at least once in a while. Your kids might not feel like talking at this time, yet it is really essential to keep the lines of communication open. Let them know and feel that you are always there for them. 3. Also, don’t forget to remember to write some important things down and check them off after you have completed and finished every task or project.

Everywhere you go, just carry with you a pen and notebook. Make your notebook a safe and secure place to store all your cares and woes, and everything significant as you set forth on your new daily life in his absence. Your mind would be muddled and mixed at this time worrying if you wrote a check to the funeral parlor or thank you notes to your guests and neighbors, or wonder if you made a bank deposit. From list of appointments to grocery lists, not to mention scribbling dark and deep secrets on paper, retaining some information in just one secure place would assist in maintaining focus, and interrupt you from thinking sad thoughts.

And oh, one most important thing, bear in mind to date every page. 4. Do not forget to recall in paying the utility bills, mortgage or rent. These are very important bills that should not be left sitting in limbo whilst processing your grief. If ever there is a financial problem or inconvenience, contact the utility company, the landlord or the lender right away. Work it out in resolving the situation as best as you could, the sooner the better. 5. Don’t forget to remember looking at the big picture; think about Mother Nature. You as the newly widowed, need to look out of your window for inspirational moments—like see how the trees aim for the skies? 5.

If your mourning pain still persists, try to reach out and touch someone. Talk to a friend, your doctor or your priest; join a bereavement group. At most times, all the newly widowed needs is an ear to listen to all their worries, concerns or anything that worth talking about.

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