When 64-year-old Diana Nyad made it to a Key West, Florida shore yesterday afternoon after swimming from Cuba 53 hours across the Florida Straits without a shark tank, her fairy tale came true. With her two previously failed attempts, she applied lessons learned and a whole team of wisdom keepers to aid her in yesterday’s successful 2-day, 2-night swim across a waterway known for sharks, jellyfish and crazy weather patterns.

On her 2011 second attempt at this treacherous stretch of water, she vowed it would be her last, as they pulled her aboard a boat, she relinquished “It was a fairy tale, but fairy tales don’t come true.”

But Diana’s fairy tale did come true yesterday. What kind of heart and determination does it take to persevere? This is the stuff that motivation masters around the world swarm to – and the story caught my attention, as well as. Where does the drive come from that pushes someone to keep pursuing a crazy kind of dream like swimming from Cuba to the US?

As she came ashore yesterday amidst the plethora of reporters and fans, Diana shared 3 messages of wisdom:

1) Never give up.

2) You’re never too old to chase your dreams.

3) It takes a team.

Beautiful words of wisdom. Something we can all tune into and apply to our own life fairy tales. In honor of Diana, today I invite you to consider – what is your fairy tale? What seeds of a dream has your heart been planting?

Never give up on it! Keep it alive and work at it. Know that there is no story line too crazy to consider. Breathe life into the vision – and in fact, spend some time today painting what can be. Write about it and envision it. Take action – today, now, this minute!

If a 64-year-old can cross the Florida Strait – you can do whatever it is your heart is calling no matter your age! The next time someone says to me that they’re too old to do something – Diana’s story has officially become my go-to story along with a talk to the hand kind of gesture!

Define your team. Who can partake in your dream weaving and become a character in your fairy tale? Do you need more knowledge? Do you need swimmers alongside to watch for the sharks in your story? Or do you need a guiding light to help you keep your course? Sit down – consider who your fairy tale’s characters are – the ones that can provide you with the magical impetus for success!!

May Diana’s story bring inspiration to your own fairy tale today! Drop me a line and share what wings take flight!

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Kami Guildner, Life Transition & Leadership Coach: Passions, purpose and the vision to align them. It is with these fundamentals that Kami Guildner founded Syzygy™ Coaching. Kami helps her clients discover a passionate and meaningful next chapter. Her boutique coaching agency, Syzygy, is grounded in the experience of stories, nature, passions and the power of positive – opening new doors for new visions. Her experience of growing up in the Colorado mountains, streams and the wide open plains on the back of a horse painted views of possibilities and potential. Kami has a deep understanding that nature, horses and the spirit of the outdoors brings clarity, provides space to dream, and opens our eyes to views of worlds unseen before us. Weaving nature’s gifts into her transformational coaching programs and retreats, her clients connect deeply to their inner soul message, discover new meaning and new paths, and step into action fueled with energy, vitality and courage.

Kami’s understanding of nature’s inner wisdom led to her own world of transition – from executive to entrepreneur. With over 20 years in executive roles across diverse industries, Kami brings her strong leadership, marketing, strategic planning and business growth expertise to her clients.