This information was channeled by Rosemary DeTrolio January 24,2000

Soul in Balance
Align the planets, as balance of the chakras. When all are in balance, true energy flows through. The body replicates the greater mass. It is the mirror image of creation, the seed of God. The venue of the soul, the pieces of creation in all things. The all, the creation is not just of man, but of all living and non-living, all conscious and non-conscious, all of the same, all of the one, the Creator.

Even the rock is conscious matter. It appears solid and of no consequence, yet is bound energy. What appears to be so, is not. For the earth in itself is a riddle. All answers are there, but not clearly seen. The awakened, the truth seeker finds wisdom where others just see a rock. The formless has form, the invisible presents itself, the faith is the key, the belief and the trust unlocks many mysteries.

(Do you have more for me?)

The earth is in a state of flux, as is the human spirit. All is a mirror of the other, so the uncertainty presides. The uncertainty of the changes in earth, as well as the changes the soul makes.

Fear is not a helpmate; in fact, fear is the dark corner in the soul where the light gets pushed out. Fear is the stone to be cast out, the burden a human places upon its own soul, the empty load of great weight. The light in spirit is truly filled with light, hence, not weighted with fears that hold so many powerless.

The riddle is that fear is powerless, though appears to have such strength and power over each. To be brave in spirit is to be able to walk the path of what is truly your own. To speak the truth, at times where the truth will help, not hinder another. The wisdom of honor, the courage is humanities greatest gift from God.

All guides and spirits of the light will seek to lead those closer to God, not away. Any spirit that attempts to manipulate, control by fear, or make one feel powerless is not of light. Those who seek the loving guides and angels will surely know the difference. Guides will not interfere, as free will is paramount to our work with you. We will assist, but will not tell you or another what to do. Our guidance is henceforth, only of your asking, your choosing.

Spirits of darkness use fear, manipulation, and the human ego to convince humans of his or her own supremacy. This has happened in the case of Hitler, who thought he was guided by unseen forces. And yes he was, forces of darkness.

(How do you know my questions before I ask them?)

Your higher self allows guidance to come in, and sends your prayers outward. Higher self is the true wisdom, the unseen helpmate, the white light of your soul that is of God. When you receive this information, your higher self acts of your behalf as your processing of data occurs.

(How do I bring this information out in the best way?)

As before. You are aware of those ready for the message. Do not push to convince those not in belief, as it is each person’s path to receive or make ready his or her own soul growth.

(I thank you for the wise advice. Is there anything else that I should research or know at this time?)

Avante, avatar. Light heals. (Thank you.) A fine blessings sent.

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Hands of Light by Rosemary
Rosemary is an author of Angel Voices 11:11,with 32 full time years as a teacher. She has communicated with angels since 1993. She has been on local radio shows and is a guest speaker for many organizations. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, and holds metaphysical classes of all types. Rosemary has a MED in education, has been voted teacher of the year in the past. She has been published in Who's Who. Her mission is to help others find their path and to have faith and hope. #angelvoices1111