Most people wish to have the confidence to be an effective public speaker. However, not everyone is naturally born and grew up with skills in public speaking. But the good thing is, all people can develop and improve their communication skills and master the art of public speaking. They just need to find motivation, passion, and goal for doing so.

Whether your goal as a public speaker is to improve yourself, take your business to a higher level, or persuade, motivate, and inspire other people to follow your steps, you need to learn how to express your idea in front of these individuals. With that said, these five secrets of public speaking may help you become an effective speaker and be one of the best around the globe.

Put Your Focus on the Audience

Before you worry about how you look on stage, you need to put your focus on how you will deliver an effective speech and words to ponder for your audience. Set aside your thoughts about the perfect tuxedo or the type of dress to wear on the presentation.

You need to remember that successful men and women in business don’t focus on themselves. They focus on the people who will listen to them. Public speaking is all about your audience’s needs and not about yourself. To deliver a successful speech, you should change your perspective for the sake of your listener.

You Should Speak and Think Visually

In today’s time with internet, smartphones, digitals, and television, everything around you is now visual. To build a strong connection with your audiences, you should speak and think visually.

When speaking in public, it is essential that you know how to create word-images. In this manner, you can express your ideas and thoughts conspicuously. Delivering your speech using pictures in your presentation slides is a great help in making your speech more memorable.

Make Your Presentation Conversational

You need to keep in mind that as a public speaker, your listener should come first. That said, make your presentation more conversational. You should speak in simple terms about the things you are passionate about to get your point across and make it more understandable.

The more you make yourself at home and familiar to your audience, the more they can understand you and put your words into mind.

Slow Down and Cut Down

The common mistake of some rookie speakers is when they tend to cram down and tell everything they knew in front of their listeners. As a public speaker, you should be sensitive that your audience may come from different places with different issues, and don’t have the same levels of learnings.

With that, rather than telling everyone too much of what you know, take some time pointing out what you’re going to say, what you’re going to leave out and how you’re going to make use of the silence to create best effects.

Make Room for Improvement

No matter how good you become at public speaking, it is still essential to realize that there is always a room for improvement. Staying at the peak of the latest research will let you maintain your place at the top and prevent stepping down as an average speaker. Every public speaker should put into mind that best speakers are relentless in their quest of being better.


Developing your learnings and skills in public speaking will allow you to persuade, inspire and motivate other people to become better especially in reaching and attaining professional goals. The tips mentioned above can help you enhance your effectivity as a public speaker and will make your presentation memorable and worth listening for.

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Zach McGavin is a freelance writer and blogger who loves to write about lifestyle and home improvement. At home, he likes to browse the web and read articles that captures his interests. When not busy, Zach likes to go on a picnic with his family.