Not everything that is intense and passionate is bad. When it comes to enjoying hobbies or sports, passion is the fuel that pushes participants to go beyond their known skill level to see if they have more than it takes. Being fast is not enough, you have to be faster or being good is not right, you have to be the best. It's what makes people feel alive, and that's what's important.

Being passionate about sports is all that and more. Putting your physical and mental abilities to the test and emerge victorious is the point of participating in extreme sports like motocross racing or what more and more people are getting into these days, spearfishing. Putting their lives on the line is something most people like unfortunately and most cases end in even more unfortunate results and yet there are still those who are willing to do it. Go figure.

From something that has been made since the dawn of ancient civilization, spearfishing has become more than just a means of providing a livelihood and a livelihood. It has become more than just a hobby to participate in on the weekends or when you are on vacation. It has become a world-class competitive sport that has earned many enthusiasts the right to represent their countries in local and international championships.

Well, if you are going to engage in spearfishing because you think there is something exciting about fishing while submerged for 6 hours in icy waters and swimming in strong currents, then you will have to dig deep to learn all about it. More than just having excellent hand-eye coordination, it also means being physically and mentally fit enough to take on the demands of the sport, such as adapting to ever-changing marine environments, braving icy waters, and being able to swim with sharks. literally. You should be able to hold your breath for more than 30 seconds and swim at levels that would make normal people gasp for air in just 2 seconds.

Being in optimal physical and mental condition is also essential in underwater fishing. Have a full medical professional evaluate you to make sure you are fit for the sport. You must not have any persistent lung or respiratory disease, as well as heart disease or a perforated eardrum. Increasing your endurance is important because it is not enough to feel suddenly weak and fatigued when you are close to 20,000 leagues under the sea.

You also need to be able to handle equipment like spear guns, which is the most important equipment you can have as this is what helps you catch those elusive fish. You need to know the different types of spear rifles (pneumatic and power band), understand that you need to choose the best one to get the most powerful and accurate shots, and not knowing enough about it can lead to failure and worse, make it counterproductive. . You should know the meaning of related terms such as "belt stretch", which is the length measured as a function of the distance between the rubber and the rest, and the rubber pulled back to the loaded position.

Additionally, you will also need to be able to differentiate between the two types and know the pros and cons of each to determine what works best for you and your level of experience. It's very easy to get and buy all the spearfishing gear you see on the shelf, but getting stuck with unnecessary gear will only lead to a mediocre spearfishing experience. Having only what is necessary and suitable for you will ensure the best spearfishing experience.

The tips, hints, and tips you need to get on spearfishing are those that pertain to your safety in the water. For example, always practice good etiquette with your harpoon and keep in mind that it should only be loaded or shot underwater. When buying a spear rifle for the first time, get a good understanding of how it works, such as how far your spear will travel or know its recoil to avoid accidents like broken teeth or a broken nose. Also learn how to take care of it so that it is always in the best condition when you use it,

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Being passionate about sports is all that and more. Putting your physical and mental abilities to the test and emerge victorious