These are the days when we ask you to explore more and more. Stepping beyond the boundaries of the confines of your life is important. In fact, when you do not march forward, you begin to feel conflicted. Struggles ensue, and then you begin a cycle of unwanted emotions and events. We must tell you that the fastest way to spiral into a negative abyss is by not being proactive in embracing the power of the universe. It all starts and stems from the linkage between your thoughts and the universe.

Perhaps it is lost on most people that they have an innate power to be their own creator. This is true whether they expend their energy on positive or negative thoughts. You can choose to either fill yourself with beautiful sunshine, or you can stay mired in an attitude and actions that depict woefulness. The greatest thing about being given a physical body is that you can activate all the tools of the soul, esoteric energies and boundless personal strength. Take a little time to absorb what it means to be united with Spirit. The happiness you can attain is insurmountable by any other force on earth. How can you go wrong when you supply the muscle and the angels supply the love?

Our intent is to get each one of you to realize that restrictions to your prosperity, health and overall well-being are generally caused by many subliminal messages your experienced while growing up. Even if you had parents who were totally open the ways of Spirit, it is likely that you encountered teachers, friends and co-workers whose push through life was filled with pessimism. They could have all been great folks, but nevertheless, it was their words and experiences that could be coloring your views today. Fortunately, the tapes can be erased and you can re-create a belief system that is both helpful and uplifting. It is alright to be a receiver of love, wealth, joy, good health, good fortune and the bliss that is filled with the omnipotence of God's nourishment. You will never have to feel that "I can't" is more powerful than, "I can."

Set your goals with the knowledge that you can achieve them when you stay steadfast on your new path to glory. It took a long time to get you to where you are now, but it will take less time to undo it if you are committed to a new, more uplifting, God-filled agenda. With the hand of the King Angel on your shoulder, we leave you with The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Author's Bio: 

Jim is a renowned medium and psychic, but considers himself a teacher of spirituality. Although he has been doing most of his work on a more personal basis, Jim's new direction is to try to include more people to understand the simple, yet perfect connection they can have with their loved ones on the other side.

The ability to communicate with Spirits was not something he searched for. In July of 1993, while enduring a very difficult time in his life, Jim was suddenly blessed with being able to speak, see and hear numerous people and higher level souls in the other realm. He openly and actively shares the information he gets with anyone who desires to improve their life.

Jim Fargiano can be reached on Facebook and Twitter, but most easily through his website at: He is a widely recognized leader in spirituality and posts messages he receives from the other side almost everyday. Short quotes will be on the fan page for The Spoken Words of Spirit on Facebook, as well as on his home page. Longer messages can be read at If you are serious about improving your outlook on life, then take advantage of the opportunities Jim provides.