Spirit Babies –June 2012
I am a healer and medium with a speciality in communicating with babies who have crossed over before birth or have not yet been conceived. Babies coming in now are especially aware and have much to teach their parents. As a lifelong teacher who does a lot of volunteer work involving babies, I came to understand that this was my specialty about a year ago, after I had, among other things, revisited the place where I was born.
I was born in Schloss Ebelsberg, a haunted castle in Austria.
The castle was built in around 1200. In May of 1809 it was the site of a major battle in the Napoleonic Wars, with as many as 20,000 casualties, including young French and Austrian soldiers and also many villagers. The defenders of the castle shot arrows out of the upper windows of the Schloss, and the villagers did what they could to repel the French invaders. When the Austrians had clearly won an incompetent French general made a horrible decision, to burn down the village of Ebelsberg, so that hundreds of wounded soldiers of both sides died in the flames.
What can happen if a person dies under very traumatic circumstances, especially if they are disoriented at the time?
There were undoubtedly a great many earthbounds created in that battle. With casualties in the thousands, most of them young French boys in their teens and twenties, there may well have been hundreds of earthbounds.
In a word, ghosts. The castle was haunted.
Shloss Ebelsberg, almost 140 years later, became the site of a refugee camp after the Second World War. My father was a United Nations official in charge of resettling the 20,000 refugees who were living on the castle grounds. Most had no papers, and it was my father’s job, with his staff, to ascertain where they wanted to settle, whether that country would have them, and so forth. It took several years. My father and mother were assigned a floor of the castle, complete with servants. So I was conceived and born there, in 1949.
As a naturally curious and inquisitive child, with a great deal of psychic ability, I had no difficulty talking with the earthbounds. They did not seem strange or startling to me. To make an analogy, perhaps most people get cable, but I had a satellite dish, and I could tune into these frequencies. I was born to it, but of course I also chose it.
In addition, my older brother passed at the age of a month, I was born nine months later. Every person has a guide or angel to help them at any stage of life. My spirit guide for the first nine months (and many years thereafter) was my older brother. So my very first experience with a Spirit Baby was in utero!
None of my family members shared my awareness of spirits, garden Devas and angels. So by the time I was five I learned to shut these abilities down as much as I could. Not to say I could turn it off completely. I had past life dreams as a baby, and was able to read the past lives of others in their eyes and their energy fields. But I really wanted to just lead a normal life. I never asked the departed to speak to me.
I became a teacher, got married, and had three great kids, who are now adults.
When I became a Reiki master my abilities immediately started to open up again. Reiki involves working with the person’s energy field in order to remove blockages caused by trauma or stress, in order to facilitate healing.
Very soon I started getting messages from the departed loved ones of my clients.
A mother whose adult daughter had passed two weeks before got a visit from her daughter. The spirit said, “Ask her about the necklace. “ Apparently my client had been going through her mementos of her daughter and found the hospital ID bracelet her daughter had been given at birth, She was happy to learn that her daughter was obviously still with her.
A young woman client got a message from a lady who introduced herself as my client’s Nikomis. My client had not told me that her heritage included First Nations. The word in her First Nations language for grandmother is Nikomis.
A young man with cancer said he saw his sister running happily in a field of flowers. He told me she had committed suicide. I thought that it was pretty clear that my client would be leaving this plane soon and that his sister would be coming to take him to the light.
My friend came to see me after the death of her father. As she lay crying on the Reiki table a man’s voice said, “it’s okay, pumpkin, I’m all right, I’m right here.” Apparently her father had called her Pumpkin when she was a child.

Then I started getting messages from Spirit Babies, children who have passed before birth or even in some cases, children who have not yet been conceived.
In the first instance, a woman in her fifties came to see me for Reiki. I told her that I saw a young girl in her energy field, pre-pubescent, beautiful, ethereal looking, with a very sad expression. She said she had made it her life task to help her mother throughout her life, and was still waiting to be acknowledged. The client told me she had had an abortion decades before. I told her that the child was still eager to communicate with her, and when she agreed, I helped facilitate their first conversation.

It became clear to me a year ago that being able to speak with the spirit of babies who had passed before birth, or very early, or who had not yet been conceived, was my calling. It is little different than transmitting the messages of crossed-over loved ones to a client. The big difference is that the Spirit Baby is always in the mother’s aura, and so there is no question of whether or not they will choose to appear.

Since starting to specialize in this area a year ago, I have worked with dozens of couples who are seeking to communicate with their lost Spirit Babies. Each reading is very different; no two cases are even remotely the same. The babies always give messages about having chosen their mother, loving their mother, and usually, what the parents need to understand before the baby can come back. Very often the babies give identifying information which I had not been told, which lets the parents know that they are speaking with their child. For example,the baby may express a wish to visit the mother’s birth city, or make it clear that the parents need to change their travel plans, or even ask that the parents be willing to accept a particular non-medical issue that the child is coming in with.

In a very few cases where the baby is not coming back in the flesh, the mother is told what role the baby will now play in the mother’s life.

Christine Nightingale. www.nightingalehealing.com. nightiangel92@hotmail.com

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I have been an Alternative therapist for 15 years. My modalities include Hypnotherapy(Certified Hypnotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotists). In addition to being specifically trained in Hypnosis for Fertility and Past Life Regression, I use Reiki energy healing in many of my sessions . My intuitive skills are also an important part of my practice. Distance channeling is an option, especially with Spirit Babies.
My decades of teaching include Holistic Nutrition and Introduction to Alternative Therapy at George Brown College from 2007-2009. My training includes a two year course in Aromatherapy (the use of concentrated plant products to help with physical and emotional healing.) With most of my clients I use a combination of therapies according to their individual needs. My home office is located in Brampton.
Christine Nightingale, BA in Psychology (University of Toronto), Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist, Aromatherapist
Email : nightiangel92@hotmail.com