The Holy Book of Islam, the Quran contains basic and fundamental principles of all possible system of human life. Basic soul of each and every subject can be traced from the injunctions of the Holy Quran. As the Holy Quran is not a manuscript of political science, so one should not suppose it to cover methodical sections on each feature of an Islamic government and administration.
Its main subject in the dominion of politics is not the procedure of government, but as clearly articulated in chapter three verse 110, the purpose and working of an Islamic government is to implement values acknowledged as good or Maroof and prohibit those which are objectionable called Munkar. While it does not propose the particulars of a precise kind of government and evades laying down an inflexible outline of polity, it would be a madness to assume that it does not deliver adequate pointers concerning the system of government.Even we move towards holy places for Umrah through Umrah Flight, we also follow some Islamic rules.

A government which is actually capable to understand Maroof in the modern situation and impose it, and, likewise, recognize Munkar and prohibit it, must encounter four necessities presented in the Holy Quran, not consecutively, but in diverse situations. First and leading, it stresses that it should be a government relishing people's sureness and admiration - not an arbitrary, haughty tyrant's rule. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was addressed by the Allah Almighty which means that Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was not sent down as a warder over people. The Almighty predestined these words and His Advocate, while establishment of the first Islamic state after the conquest of Makkah, executed them. It was his self-effacement and modesty as a victor and high-mindedness and kindness as a wielder of power that gained the hearts of those who were Islam's confirmed opponents. So if someone wish to visit Makkah and want to perform Umrah then he can go through flights with Umrah Tickets.

The year after Makkah chop, in one hour's appointment on one day with scarcely a dozen demises, is called the 'year of delegations' as delegations grouped from all parts of Arabia to execrate loyalty to the new state of Medina only because the person who was at the rudder, though in fact the ruler of Arabia, breathed as simple a life as the humblest among the peoples. The leader of the first Islamic state was widely different in clothing and manner, in food and home and in daily actions from the decorated, festooned crowned monarchs and rulers of contemporary Byzantine and Persian territories. The primary four Caliphs who succeeded him as ruler of state followed in his paths as loyally as was thinkable.
The organization and Skelton of modern western political and social schemes, it must be underscored, was built not on the remains of the continuing, widespread Roman kingdom, the pride of all Europe, but on the groundwork laid in an oasis of Arabia in 630 A.D, which was based on all current democratic reforms of todays. Freedom of expressions, Freedom of Media, Independence of Judiciary, Accountability and Transparency, Rule of law, Provision of Fundamental rules, Accountability of Ruler and his impeachment and so on.

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