By an accident of sorts this whole journey started from an act of curiosity and a mild sense of determination and persistence, what I mean by that is that as often can be the way with life we have moments of choice, moments of inspiration or even flashes of intuition one of the biggest and most important lessons I have learnt to date, hinges on the fact that we need to be aware and focused on these happenings. These are often the tipping point to a new future if we just pay attention and act upon them.

It was around mid-January 2013, and although I wish I had kept a log or decent records of events for this past year, alas I did not, but none the less the key points resonate within and will remain, inerasable.

For some reason or another my lady and I were having a conversation and she proceeded to show me pictures of her and my daughter baking in our kitchen. There were two pictures which grabbed my attention, taken in succession of each other with no more than half a second between them, they showed the same scene which was of my daughter stirring a sticky mess in a bowl standing on her little chair so that she could work over the kitchen side counter. One of these pictures were literally speckled with what I immediately thought to be orbs... The other picture was completely free of them. This astounded me and I was quite dumb struck, my lady then said that she thought it was odd but really didn't think too much of it as it could have been anything, right?

Another few weeks past I had just returned home from a week long business trip to Houston, Texas. As you might imagine those two pictures had played at the back of my mind, and as an enterprise IT Architect (design and build really big global IT systems) I have a very strong analytical mind, my successful career relies and demands upon it, I had thought through all of the logical possibilities; dust from the baking, lens flare from the kitchen spotlights, moisture and even a dirty lens on phone camera - they were baking so this all is sensible, yes?

But for each scenario I was able as an intellectual exercise very quickly dismiss them, it was my home after which my lady an I have lived in since summer 2006 (nearly 7 years at this point) so familiarity allowed quick reasoning. My kitchen isn't dusty so that was ruled out and even if it was at that moment, it would have either showed on both pictures and not at all as it wasn't possible without an event to distribute that quickly... Also the stage they were at in the baking was all the flour stuff was complete, mixture was sticky and moist ready for the cup-cake holders so flour was ruled out and again for the same reasons as the normal dust described above. What about lens flare? Will lens flare would have a source and fan out from it, or there would at least be some sort of geological alignment in the captured flare - none of this was present, indeed most lens flare show a rainbow type of effect, this wasn't present either... No, the picture was a bunch of white balls (circles) of light, in different sizes and opacities. It was what it was.

So OK, I had logically deduced it was at least explainable and the next best theory to test was that it was Orbs, so, naturally you will take pictures right and try to recreate? Well, that's exactly what I did and very quickly got the confirmation I had wanted. Little did I realise it would change my life...

So you can picture it, crazy dude at home taking pictures randomly! Must admit I laughed at myself to a few times, but, this was a serious logical exercise and I just approaching it as I would a problem at work on a newly delivered system, or as part of my visual infrastructure map as I design; There's a problem or goal, you know the desired outcome, you map out possibilities, then prove or disprove in sequential steps until the desired outcome is achieved.

At first there were just a bunch of pictures of my front room, then some more, nothing obvious... but then I took a deeper look at the later batches in closer detail, and I saw what I would describe as white, faint, smudges against either the back wall or room height bricked fireplace - almost if you got a finger and smudged chalk over something, but these smudges were in the pictures and at different depths and transparencies. Needless to say my heart suddenly started beating heavily as it dawned on me that it could be possible that I just had the proof I needed.

During the whole course of the year to date, I have had and brought together a whole bunch of ideas, concepts and beliefs which describe the world of the paranormal and the nuances in between, one of these nuances was actually about how to take Orb pictures. Quickly, I realised that they are energy, and it's this energy which the phone camera was picking up, most modern digital cameras take a wider spectrum of light then is visible to us - Just turn on your camera, looks through the lens viewer and point you TV remote control at it so you can see the end of the control (face to face basically), then press the control and you will see that the camera can actually see the infra-red light from the control which your TV would pick up - pretty cool actually.

Anyway, I started turning on the flash and this was amazing, it's almost as though the flash energised these little curious things and that's when things started to become crystal clear and one was then showing in the pictures very clearly and unmistakably, I realised that in all of my pictures there was indeed only ever one smudge per picture, or now one clear Orb, what's more, it also dawned on me that I wasn't randomly catching this, it was almost performing for, appearing at will and after about 30secs of my taking pictures... Well I simply think I'm losing my mind at this point, so I show my lady and her reaction is muted so I think; Need better proof!... what can I do? Errrr, take video footage idiot!

The first few videos, much like the initial photos were disappointing and actually annoying as you would often have to sit through 3, 4, 5 minutes upwards of footage of your front room! - yeah, I know, call the fun police... But then I remembered to set the flash light, this changed everything and the Orb captures were crystal clear, undeniable and most interestingly very conscious in a human type way.

Author's Bio:

I'm 37 (about to be 38 imminently...) and have lived an interesting life, not necessarily like a pop or sports star, or even those ultra successful people we know, but interesting in the sense that it has all been about high emotion, transformational learning and events which have simply left me scratching my head!