To different people, spiritual healing has a different meaning. Getting healed spiritually is basically a journey that is very personal to every person. One of the broadest ways of defining it is

To get the emotional self healed
In this kind of a healing there isn’t any kind of physical aspect involved as it is just the emotional aura that is healed. Life isn’t the same for everyone, at all times. Sometimes individuals are very happy and sometimes there is distress as well as sorrow. When a loved one expires or relationships break up this can cause terrible emotional distress which will require healing of emotions.

Treatment of unfulfilled desires and emptiness
A large number of people develop the feeling of emptiness or nurture desires that remain unfulfilled and need spiritual healing. Emotions can be both positive and negative and it is the negative emotions that need the much desired healing spiritually. Your whole future life can be affected negatively if at all you are not happy with the present. It is virtually a challenge (but not impossible) for any person to remain happy all the time and negative emotions form a major part of life which is not very easy to discard. Being human, we think negatively about certain situations naturally.

Turning to the Higher Power for healing
A healthy life is made by emoting, grieving as well as crying when and as needed, and when this is done you tend to feel much more relieved instead of when you indulged in piling up of emotions in the body. Even in situations where you may feel broken and empty, carrying on with life remains important. Just as a patient goes to a doctor for physical healing in the same way if you want spiritual healing it is very necessary to turn to the Higher Omniscient Power, the spiritual healer. It is your belief that will make you turn to it spiritually and HEAL.

Adopting other methods
While there are some who seek solace by turning towards the All-Knowing Higher Power, there are many others who find teachings of spiritual leaders and priests instrumental for healing spiritually. Spiritual needs can be best satisfied by methods like prayer as well as meditation as well so that the soul that is wounded can get healed much better and faster. There are a lot of people who turn to other branches like life coaching while tending to their needs spiritually. One of the most important things is that you have to feel comfortable as well as safe with the kind of spiritual healing you take solace in.

Following a method most suitable
When emotional issues are dealt with spiritually, you need to follow the method that is most suitable. It is very essential to remember that you are a unique person, so make sure that the process of healing works as if tailored for you.

Guides providing self help
Mentors providing sessions for healing spiritually
Sessions for healing process with people who think alike
These are the practices you can consider according to your preference. Some of healers claim that they are most enlightened and accordingly charge a price for the spiritual healing…so check out what works for you.
Awareness towards exploitative spiritual healing
A lot of exploitation takes place in this field as the so called spiritual healers make promises to help you contact the loved ones you have lost or help you achieve more and more happiness through a spiritual healing process. A wise idea would be to check out the references, credentials as well as reputation of the healer. Always practice inner discipline to remain in control and strong emotionally. It is advisable to back away in case you have the slightest intuition that there is something exploitative about the so called guru or spiritual healer.

Services from qualified individuals
There are a number of individuals who are qualified and experienced for dealing with the emptiness and the pain in your life and helping you to come to terms with the truth, so there is no need to get carried away by just about any pseudo guru. Problems in life can be overcome best by spiritual healing.

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation indicates the main cause of problems in life as related to dimensions that are spiritual. When efforts are made to overcome root causes healing takes place spiritually…is the magic mantra. The display of symptoms needs to be differentiated well with the main root cause in focus for timely healing.

Finding the root cause thorough proper diagnosis
A proper diagnosis needs to be done for spiritual healing so that the root cause is dealt with properly in the process. Remedies of advanced nature are used to help treat a person spiritually and revert the damage caused to the spiritual aura. Availing spiritual energy from another is comparatively difficult as compared to efforts put in on the physical front. It is due to this, as per the recommendations made by the SSRF, that only energy levels that are appropriate and receptive enough need to be tapped for potential. The basic principles behind such aura diagnosis and healing spiritually should be understood well first.

Reducing black energy
It is the ESP ability or the sixth sense (intuitive) ability only that allows easy diagnosis and accuracy in the process of spiritual healing. Efforts are made to reduce black or negative energy caused by the unknown and unseen dark forces. Besides this there are generic methods of two types for healing
Spiritual practice

Spiritual remedies
In the case of spiritual practice the individual himself puts in efforts to seek protection in a spiritual dimension from elements that are harmful. In the case of spiritual remedies, it is at a spiritual level that certain issues or problems are sorted to get alleviated when specific purification acts are performed,

Different modes
To get healed spiritually there are different modes
Energy channelized thorough ash or water that is blessed and energized
Objects that are inanimate in nature

A person with high levels of spirituality
Communion with saintly people of the present and past
Mental and emotional harm could be caused to the person if the healing is done in an incorrect way and besides this the person could begin having more faith in black energy for spiritual healing. However, the right meth

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