"Lead me from Darkness into Light, from the Unreal to the Real, from
Death to Immortality." Sanskrit Prayer

The voices of all of humanity thunder in an agonizing roar, clamoring for the unreal upon our planet. In this din a voice like that of the Golem from Lord of the Rings raises above all sounds, My precious ... mine . . . all mine, which echoes the voice inside us that clutches at having more and more material stuff.

Inside each of us lurks a facade of illusion. Within this facade we believe we know our real selves. We, however, attach our identity to the facade, which is unreal.

This facade attaches to all the false things around us. Our facade struggles in a war within us as most things in the world reflect and maintain the illusion of the facade such as accumulation of more and more products, clothes, cars, houses, and money. If we had more sensitivity, we would feel the pain this illusion of reality creates in our bodies

For example, what we grasp for as money exists only as electronic bits passing from one computer to the next with no real value. Our paper money has no real value either for no gold standard backs it. We accept the illusion of the value of money yet; it has no inner value within itself as gold does.

This unreality we live in calls out to destroy life. It crushes our souls. It creates misery, pain, and suffering. Yet, we cling in desperation to our unreality for fear of losing all the material “stuff” we have accumulated and create more suffering for ourselves.

What if we could move beyond this unreality rather than being trapped within it forever? Would we be willing to take the necessary steps? What if we could gradually loosen the hold of illusion upon us? This would mean a shift in our consciousness from material accumulation and comfort to a yearning for spiritual awakening.

One of the first steps towards spiritual awakening means desiring and practicing methods to bring more light into our physical bodies. It means shifting from the outer to a focus on improving our inner lives. More light enters our bodies once we experience a “soul merge.”

Receiving more light assists to begin to know our Real Self, shifting from the unreal to the real, from death into life. Our Real Self has also been known as our soul and the divine spark with us.

I mentioned a soul merge, which may take many years or lifetimes. This occurs as we evolve in consciousness when we become a fuller expression of our Soul. All the aspects of our warring personality come under the influence of our Souls. Our Soul replaces the illusions of our unreal self held in our mind. The seed of illusion binding us tightly to our unreal self breaks open. This seed loses its foothold in our body and only memory remains, which also eventually dissolves.

For the seed to dissolve, however, we need to enter the pain, to go inside the pain. Outside exists only illusion.

Lana, an energy healer, on her path of spiritual awakening explains her experience of the seed of illusion dissolving. I awoke with the weight of all of humanities illusion crushing down upon me. Voices of all the false selves in the world roared in my ears. I sensed the world’s illusion in every cell of my body and in my spine and neck. I feared I would implode from the agony. My husband, a healer, physically held my left and right occipitals. As I writhed in pain upon the floor, he remained in an empty place neutral of any emotion or reaction.

Unwilling to hold on to my unreal self any longer and the illusion I had lived for all my life, I entered the pain, which moved up my body and head and into the frontal lobes of my brain where I saw with inner vision light circulating. Then I sensed movement down my body, bit by bit, until it reached my tailbone and legs. The false, the illusion of my unreal self, finally moved out of my body. I sensed it like a giant jellyfish with tentacles.

Throughout my ordeal the music of the Moola Mantra played. It has been given by two spiritually awakened masters from India, Amma and Bhagavan. They say it awakens the divine presence in our heart, among other things. For me it sounded as the voice of freedom and like the breath of the Divine moved through my body. As the light came through the body, it also came back up my body. My body opened like a rose.

As a result of my experience, which differs for each of us, I aligned more with my life purpose, which involves realigning the DNA in people.

I believe most humans remain unaware of their attachment to illusion. Like hermit crabs humans constantly shift the sands of illusion on the lookout for more and more things to consume. Like some hermit crabs some humans seek a bigger shell to settle into to feel safer because of fear of attack from others.

The illusions of our unreal self held in our minds drive us to anger and attack. These illusions cling to life at any cost, which keep us trapped in suffering. In reality we really only attack ourselves, like one arm wielding a knife and slicing away at our other arm, for we only fight against our own misery.

Our unreal self has no life, it only believes in the illusion of life. We need help to unlock the illusion which has become trapped in our own physical bodies. Inner and outer teachers can only take us so far. We need spiritually awakened beings in physical bodies to take us the rest of the way to awakening. These awakened beings embody Divine Grace, the other 50% of the equation to liberate us from suffering, which we otherwise would be trapped in forever.

Amma and Bhagavan, two awakened beings, from the Oneness University in Chennai, India have assisted me. “They are like the spirit, all pervading yet abiding in the deepest recesses of one's Being,” Oneness University.

I have traveled twice to India to retreats where I received daily Oneness Blessings – a transfer of divine energy, which dissolves the illusion of separateness. A neurological shift in the brain results as awakening gradually occurs. I will clarify that I have had no direct contact with either Amma or Bhagavan. They instruct and bring their students known as “dasas” into awakening who than work with the public giving Oneness Blessings and teachings.

Bhagavan also gives public transmissions of the Oneness Blessing and teaching over the internet, which reaches people all over the world.

I stress again we can only make the final shift from the unreal to the real, from separateness into oneness, and from suffering into joy and compassion through the Grace of awakened beings.

Only Divine Grace carries us through the doorway beyond suffering into feeling and knowing the oneness of all life.

Author's Bio: 

Energy Healer, Self-Development Seminar Leader, Teacher Self-Esteem to Teens, & Writer

In over 35 years of personal-growth/spiritual-growth Michael David as an alternative energy medicine practitioner has practiced many healing methods of alternative medicine & distance energy-healing.

Michael, a certified Bowenwork Practitioner, does Bowen Therapy also known as the Bowen Technique or Bowtech, in person, for pain relief. The Bowen Technique,as a form of energetic bodywork, is a gentle soft tissue manipulation of muscles or tendons, which stimulates the whole body to reset and heal itself. Bowen pain relief