Most of us identify with our thoughts and assume that we are the mind. However this is not the case; you are not your thinking and you are more than your mind.

Thoughts flow through your mind like water down a stream every moment of every day. It has been said that an individual entertains over 60,000 conscious thoughts each day, and even this is probably and understatement.

Many people suffer guilt, frustration, and anger toward the self because of the thoughts that flow through their minds. But this is unnecessary, because the mind is only an experience we have, and is not the ultimate definition of who we are.

It's true that a trained mind will offer positive thoughts. And it's true that what we feel and believe within will arise into the realm of conscious thinking.

But on the path of personal greatness the first thing to understand is that you are more than your thoughts, and even more than your mind. You are non-local consciousness, meaning your body and mind are transient experiences you relate to in this life, but are not prisons that you must become fully attached to.

Begin to practice stepping back from forced thought, and just allow your mind to flow freely. This takes some practice, but you will likely grasp the concept as soon as you try it for the first time.

Great relief, and even spontaneous joy typically occur very quickly when a person lets go of the need to identify with every single thought. Your mind doesn't need constant supervision and will continue to produce a continuous stream of thoughts whether or not you imagine yourself at the captain's wheel.

Become aware of your body, and pay attention to the physical sensation of just being in your physical form. This will help you escape the constant participation in your thought patterns.

Watch your thoughts as they flow. But do not identify with them, and do not become attached to them.

You are not obligated to own or relate to every thought your mind generates.

Think about this very important statement for a moment. Consider your thinking mind a tool that you can use, but not something you must absolutely identify with.

In other words, no thought that passes through your mind has any meaning at all unless you choose to empower it. You are completely free to let go of negative thoughts and let them drift away. And you can simply ignore automatic negative thinking that seems to come up from nowhere. Ideally you can notice positive thoughts that serve you and decide to support and believe them; you are in complete control over which thoughts matter and which images are simply passing through your mind.

Many of your thoughts and mental images are memories, and may even emerge as the result of experiences you don't consciously remember. Also the media implants thoughts into your mind all the time; certainly you are not required to entertain thinking that was placed in your mind via suggestion or hypnosis!

Meditation is the best way to still the mind. As you practice basic sitting and breathing you will become very good at letting your thoughts flow without interference.

As you are able to let go and allow your mind the freedom to think what it wants, you will also become adept at inserting your most preferred thought patterns. Ultimately it is your responsibility to train your mind how to think and what to imagine.

Make a daily practice of stepping back from your thinking. Choose to let go of thoughts you don't want, and choose to entertain/empower thoughts that serve your ideal vision of self.

This may be the most powerful personal development exercise of all. Use it well and become the person you deeply know you are meant to be.

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