Spirituality Transforms Negative Emotions Through Creativity

Emotional spirituality is the wellspring from where our deepest energy resides. It is here that our creative ideas are born. When we wonder where our creative energy comes from, we’re really wondering about the fundamentals of life itself. Although we may not be able to answer this question completely, we can hypothesize that strong emotions lead to this limitless creative energy. From these very emotions lies a great potential to constructively manifest new forms of creative expression.

This emotional heart energy is the spiritual center that moves us from our core. This heart energy emanates from our energetic body as our authentic state of being. It is the truth of our experiential essence now. It tells us what we need to know about ourselves, and life as it is in the moment. It gives us that nudge so we may feel Spirit guide us.

Spirit guides us to Live in truth, as a source of inspiration. This is what arises.

Yes, talking about our feelings is always helpful for healing, though keep in mind that creative expression is a greater power that transforms such energies as truly a gift given by spirit. Needless to say, one way or another, these feelings need to be expressed and released or they will resurface in ways that may not be healthy.

Feelings offer an immeasurable truth to us! Yet they are instinctively known by their dual nature. They exist on a continuum from one end to another. They include both the darkest side, that in an instant may lighten up when purposely directed, and the brightest side that may wax and wane as life unfolds. When you reach into the depth of such emotions as fear, anger, and grief and openly express its impact on you, it can magically transform into the brightest side of the darkness. The divine light shines a sacred mirror into our hearts so that only the good can be reflected back. This is when we know that transformation is taking place.

Your unique process of self-discovery emerges along this inner journey. When this mirror shines your truth, it is yours to see, feel, and live as you so genuinely choose. Living in this truth is a sacred path for emotional and spiritual maturity. These go hand in hand on behalf of the sparkling synergy of creative expression. For clarification, let’s not mistaken what emotional maturity is. As it is not about ‘not’ feeling certain emotions, it’s about recognizing and utilizing them in the highest good.

The many nuances of Spiritual discipline are helpful to moderate emotional expression. When we take time to reflect on difficult (negative) feelings, we then develop ways to move them through our emotional heart center. We find a synergistic magic that transforms such negativity into a new -found truth. What has previously been labeled negative may then become a springboard for creative transformation.
And it is because the artist feels so deeply, which is precisely what allows the artist to profoundly create. Within these feelings lies a great momentum of truth. This is the truth that spontaneously creates. It is also the truth that touches our hearts. It does stop to wonder whether the creation will be beautiful or valuable. It simply creates for the sake of creating. It is the essence of being.

So there we have it. The Spiritual medium is the way for truth and beauty to emerge. Spiritual development is a conscious-seeking way of life. It is awareness in its entirety. It comes from the vibrations that source energy graces us with in many ways. When we choose to have an Open Heart, we allow source energy in. When we allow source energy in, we have genuinely awakened our very heart!

Author's Bio: 

Moreen’s holistic Mind, Body, Spirit philosophy integrates traditional and alternative modalities in all of her endeavors. As a NJ Licensed Social Worker (MSW), she has worked in both clinical and non- clinical settings with individuals of all age.

She brings her unique presence into practice. She is an intuitive, authentic individual who communicates on a soul-to-soul level. She offers individual Life Purpose and Career Coaching (certified by The Life Purpose Institute). She uses a Strength’s Based Approach so that others may access the best of themselves. She has additional trainings in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Level II), Masters’ level Reiki II and Parenting Education.

She has a passion for reading and writing metaphysical, and self-help literature.

Publications: “Self Trust, Self Care, Self Signature” Chapter 23 featured in The Confident Woman: Tapping Into Your Inner Power. Professional Woman Publishing, Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman 2013.

“Rebalance Your Reality” featured in The Female Leader. Professional Woman Publishing, January 2014. Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman.

Co-author for Your Heart’s Magical Journey. A meditative, inspirational book dedicated to children of all age. It uses the earth’s treasures as guides to foster self-knowledge, self-esteem while promoting health and balance. (In process)

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