It has been like a game of cat and mouse but you are not exactly sure who is who. There has been some talk among some people you know that your spouse is having an affair. When you confront one of them their language suddenly becomes very mysterious. They have not seen your spouse doing anything wrong but they have heard.

Naturally you dismissed it. You love your spouse and since there has been no actual proof presented to you then it appears to be nothing more than malicious gossip.

But as time goes on you get that sinking feeling that this may not be idle talk. There is a real possibility that there is truth to that rumor. Still you have nothing to go on. Which means no matter how reluctant you are it may be time to put on your detective hat and gather the evidence yourself.

Where Do You Start?

1. Car Talk

Many of us practically live in our cars. It can also contain a wealth of information that can be a real indicator to whether your spouse is having an affair. From scent, to leftover items which you know do not belong to your spouse, to the amount of miles traveled.

2. Oops Did They Say That

Listen extra close to what they are telling you. Make your questions as nonchalant as possible. Even if they slip up do not turn it into a "gotcha" moment until you have gathered enough proof.

3. Anger Unexplained

You and your spouse have had your share of arguments. Who hasn't? But now it seems like they are getting more common for the most trivial of reasons. Why? Being infatuated with another person during an affair can cause you to look upon your significant other with contempt or at least moving in that direction. Consciously or not they may be doing a side by side comparison. If the arguments are increasing then it probably means you are coming out on the short end.

4. What Overtime?

Your spouse tells you they are working late. If they are not on salary and you have a pretty good idea of what your spouse earns normally then look at their paycheck the next time around. See any overtime pay or does it look the same as always?

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